How To Delete A Page In Word

Microsoft Word is well-known for its document creating capabilities. In the document, it generates blank pages.

Empty or blank pages in documents are unethical and impolite to editors and potential employers. Before distributing any papers, we must ensure that the blank or undesirable page has been removed.

 How To

How To

How To Delete A Page In Word

We must keep in mind that removing a blank page and removing a page with content and graphics are two completely different things. First, we must learn how to remove a page that contains both text and visuals.

Step 1: First, make sure you’ve picked the page you want to erase and the blank page you want by clicking anywhere on that page. If we are using Windows, we can scroll the page or use the Go To function by pressing Ctrl+ G, and if we are using a Mac, we must press option+ CMD+ G.

Step 2: Next, we must pick the full page once more since Microsoft Word requires confirmation that we want to erase the entire page, not just the content.

Step 3: Next, press Ctrl+ G on a Windows computer or option+ CMD+ G on a Mac to access the Go To function. Then we need to type page into the enter page number labelled box. Next, we must select the Go To function or close the window by pressing the enter key.

Step 4: Finally, take out the page. Although we have already selected the full page, it will be straightforward to eliminate it with Microsoft Word’s integrated delete function. Now we must double-check that we have picked the entire page we wish to delete, and then simply click the delete button.

Step 5: Now we must choose the paragraph makers. Using the arrow and the Shift key, we can choose the paragraph makers. By hitting the delete button, we can get rid of the paragraph creators, but it will also close the blank page.

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In Word, How Do You Delete a Blank Page

In most cases, Microsoft Word leaves a blank page at the end of the document. It’s completely illogical. There are a few steps to deleting a blank page.

Step 1: The first step is to go to the view option, which can be found in the top menu, and then select the Navigation Pane box. Then a new left-hand side list will appear, displaying all of the document’s pages. If it doesn’t appear, double-check that the pages tab is selected.

Step 2: Next, we must go through the list and look for the undesired blank page that we wish to remove. After we’ve located the undesirable page, we’ll need to double-click it.

Now we must remember that if we are using a Mac, we must press CMD+ 8 to display the paragraph markers. If we’re using Windows, we’ll have to press Ctrl+ shift+ 8 at the same time.

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Step 3: The font size of the paragraph markers can be increased or decreased. To modify the font size of the paragraph markers, go to the Home tab and type “1” in the font size box, then press the enter key to lock the size.

After we’ve made the necessary changes, we may hide the paragraph markers. To hide the paragraph markers on Windows, press Ctrl+ shift+ 8 at the same time, and on Mac, press command+ 8 at the same time.

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