How To Fix PS5 Special Edition

The PlayStation systems have evolved in a number of ways over the years. PlayStation has released a number of limited and special edition consoles in addition to hardware improvements. In the same time frame as Sony’s most recent system, the PlayStation 4 was available in a number of special editions.

In spite of the fact that this may be possible thanks to the PS5’s easily replaceable faceplates, Sony’s decision to forego the opportunity to increase system sales is puzzling.

However, this might soon change. Recently, PlayStation posted an opening for a packaging planner, and among the duties listed was the possibility of working on special editions of the PS5.

PS5 Special Edition

Packaging initiatives for hardware bundles, collector’s editions, and special editions of games are the responsibility of this role. Given Sony’s current dearth of limited edition consoles, this is intriguing.

This could mean that Sony is planning to release a slew of limited-edition bundles for the existing PS5 models.

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How Likely are We to Get Special Edition PS5 Bundles?

Tech4Gamers discovered a posting for a “Packaging Planner” for PlayStation’s international division. This position, which was posted three days ago, is for someone who will “coordinate packaging projects, including standard software, hardware.

Special Editions, Collector’s Editions, and any Hardware Bundles on a global scale.” The advertisement goes on to discuss the need to assess, coordinate, and print artwork for unique packaging. As well as deal with intricate SKU configurations that must adhere to international regulations.

To set reasonable expectations, this is a very general job posting that does not specifically refer to hardware packages. It also discusses software special editions, of which there will likely be several for Sony’s first-party games.

One or more are in the works for God of War: Ragnarok, and just this year, we got a wonderful Collector’s Edition of Horizon: Forbidden West.

Without any limited-edition PlayStation packages, the job of Packaging Planner is already quite demanding. On the other hand, here’s hoping…

Additionally, Activision has apologised for copying Call of Duty: Warzone dog skin, and we have the first details on the Alone in the Dark relaunch for the PS5 here for you.

New Job Listing Hints At PlayStation 5 Special Edition Consoles

There have been many iterations of the PlayStation console. Alongside its hardware updates, PlayStation has also introduced a number of limited and special edition consoles. Sony has not done much to advance the PlayStation 5 in the intervening two years.

When compared to Sony’s most recent platform, the PlayStation 4 has seen many more limited edition models in a short period of time.

However, considering how cheaply PS5 faceplates can be replaced, it’s strange that Sony would pass on a chance to increase sales. It’s possible, though, that this will soon alter. PlayStation has posted a new position for a Packaging Planner, which may lead to special edition PS5 consoles.

PS5 24K Gold Edition

The PlayStation 5 digital edition is perfectly functional, while the PlayStation 5 gold edition is not. Only the wealthiest players can afford to buy this special version, which is being offered by the so-called luxury customising firm Truly Exquisite.

Completely plated in 24k gold, the base model of the PS5 system will set you back upwards of $9,000. Do you think it’s fair to charge so much for a console that has just been upgraded cosmetically? Probably not, but the end result is a work of art.

The number of custom and customised PS5 consoles accessible to players is expected to increase as more exclusive titles are released, but for the time being, this is what gamers can expect.

No matter if players invest in one of these limited-edition consoles or not, the next generation of gaming is shaping up to be exciting.

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Fans of the PlayStation brand will have more options to pick from than they did with prior console generations on the day of its release.

One thing is certain, regardless of whether you go for the digital edition, the gold edition, or the basic PlayStation 5: the next-generation consoles are going to revolutionise the game industry.

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