How To Fix ‘PSO2 Error Code 667’

Numerous players on a wide variety of platforms (Xbox, Windows, Steam, etc.) have reported encountering this bug.

The majority of reports of this issue occur following a game or operating system update. The bug appears either right after the user loads a PSO2 game, or in the middle of a session.

The complete error notice reads as follows: “An error occurred when attempting to log in. Either try again later or contact us using the contact form if this continues to happen. [No.667]”.

PSO2 Error Code 667

Methods to Fix Login “Error Code: 667” in PSO2

When connecting to the PSO2 servers, you may get the PSO2 Error Code 667. In most cases, this is due to a temporary server outage or a player-side connection problem.

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Fix 1: Update the Game to the Latest Version

If your game’s installation is too old, you may see PSO2 error code 667 if it can’t communicate with certain add-ons or servers.

Here, updating to the most recent version of PSO2 could resolve the issue. Make sure your game server and platform server (like Xbox) are online before proceeding with this update.

To begin, fire up your game’s launcher (we recommend PSO2 Tweaker) and go to the “Options” tab.
The second step is to click the Update button. As soon as the update is complete, the launcher must be restarted. Launch PSO2 to see if the error 667 has been fixed.

Fix 2: Temporarily Disable System Security Applications

Security software on the computer (firewalls, antivirus programmes, etc.) that interferes with the proper or timely execution of the PSO2 game module can cause login error 667 in the game. In this case, turning off the antivirus software may fix the issue 667.

Fix 3: Troubleshoot Game Install

If any of the PSO2’s core game mods (like GameGuard) are broken or missing, the game will crash with error code 667. For that purpose, please refer to this manual. The first thing you should do is open the PSO2 Tweaker and then select the Troubleshooting tab.

Second, select the Fix GameGuard option and wait for it to finish. Following this, proceed to Step 3 and see if the game fixes the PSO2 issue code 667. If it doesn’t work, head over to the PSO2 Tweaker Troubleshooting menu and try if the Repair Critical Files option helps.

Four, if the issue still exists, select Fix File Permission from the PSO2 Tweaker Troubleshooting menu. Then, fire up the game and see if everything is in order.

Finally, if you’re still having trouble, head over to the PSO2 Tweaker’s Troubleshooting menu and try if the Full File Check or Check for Missing Files options can fix issue 667.

Fix 4: Reinstall the PSO2 Game

Some modules may stop functioning or not load if the PSO2 installation is damaged, resulting in error 667. The PSO2 error 667 may be fixed by reinstalling the game. The first thing to do is hit Enter after typing “Control Panel” into the search bar.

To remove an application, go to the Programs and Features menu, and then select Uninstall a programme. Third, locate PSO2 by scrolling down the bar, then right-click it and choose Uninstall.
Fourth, reinstall the game of PSO2.

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Recently, players of Phantasy Star Online 2 have been reporting an error with the code 667 (often accompanied by NG login error).

Many players have reported encountering the problem across all compatible systems (Xbox, Windows, Steam, etc.).

The majority of reports of this issue occur soon after a game or operating system update. It can happen right after starting up PSO2 or even in the middle of a session.

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