Sticky Keys is a renowned function of the Windows operating system which lets the user keeps the modifier keys (for example – Ctrl (Control), Alt, Delete, Shift etc.) to be active even when they are not in use.

The advantage of this useful feature is that it lets users, who are unable to use two keys simultaneously, keep the shortcut buttons active. This special attribute makes typing easier for many professionals and those with physical impairments. However, it can also be problematic to the experienced typer.

In this article, we will enumerate three different ways of turning off sticky keys in Windows 10. This will allow the experienced typers to breeze through their work considerably faster. We will also go through many methods which will help you turn on this powerful feature and use it to your advantage.

How to Turn Off Sticky Keys in Windows 10 and Disable its Shortcut?

Way 1 –

Step 1 – Turn on Sticky Keys by tapping the Shift Key five times in a row.

Step 2 – Double click on the Sticky Keys icon which pops up in your taskbar. Proceed to the Ease of Access.

Step 3 – Disable the options which say “Turn on Sticky Keys” and “Turn on Sticky Keys when shift is pressed five times”.

Way 2 –

Step 1 – Tap the Windows Key. In the search option, browse for “Ease of access”.

Step 2 – Choose “Ease of Access Keyboard Settings”.

Step 3 – Choose ‘off’ the option under “Sticky Keys”. Make the setting permanent by not allowing it to re-activate again.

Way 3 –

This method is for temporarily switching off the Sticky keys option if it is switched on. For this method to work, simply tap any two function keys like Ctrl, Shift, Windows button etc, simultaneously.

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How to Turn On Sticky Keys in Windows 10 ?

There are three even easier ways how you can turn on the Sticky Keys in Windows 10. We have described them in detail below –

Way 1: Use the Shift Key 

Here, we will activate sticky keys by using just one key.

Step 1 – Repeatedly tap the Shift Key 5 times. This will open up a confirmation box.

Step 2 – The confirmation box will ask if you would like Sticky Keys to be activated. Choose Yes.

Simple and efficient, this is all you need to do to switch on Sticky Keys.

Way 2: Make it in ease of access keyboard settings

If you could not switch on Sticky keys with the first method, try out this way.

Step 1 – Open up the Search bar located on the Windows task bar.

Step 2 – Type and search Keyboard.

Step 3 – Among the search results displayed, choose ‘Ease of access Keyboard settings’

Step 4 – Among the options displayed, switch on the option for ‘Press one key at a time for Keyboard Settings’.

Now check if you are able to use Sticky Keys. This is all you would require to activate the sticky key feature in Windows 10.

Way 3: Realize the goal in Control Panel

Another alternative method that you can try if the two other methods did not work for you. We are really spoiling you for choice!

Step 1 – Open up the Search bar located on the Windows task bar.

Step 2 – Type and search

Step 3 – Among the search results displayed, proceed to select the Turn on easy access keys.

Step 4 – Turn on the Sticky Keys Click on OK to apply the settings.

Although this way is a little bit more time consuming than the first method, it should be efficient in turning on the Sticky Keys.

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A technical problem involving the computer can be both confusing as well as frustrating. It might be that you are facing unwanted difficulties with this feature or it can also be that you simply want to know more about this intriguing feature of Windows.

In this article, we have addressed both such issues in a lucid and simple manner to help you learn this Windows attribute as well as handle the technical aspect efficiently.

For casual users, technical jargon and directions can be confusing. That is why we have chosen to proceed in such a methodical manner so as to help out a wide range of users.

We have also provided you with three great alternatives to switch on as well as switch off the feature of sticky keys. Go ahead and use this great attribute to your advantage by following the tips we have provided.

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