How to Fix ‘Your Windows License Will Expire Soon’ Error

Your Windows License Will Expire Soon”

Watching this error message again and again while working? It can make you crazy. Check your windows activation status. Now don’t be surprised if you found “Windows is activated”.

You will see this error message after some days of updating your windows to the latest version. This issue causes when the system takes it as a different update.

Now let’s see how we can fix this issue.

How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon Error?

You can try to resolve this issue by applying the solutions we have given below. Some of them will help you with increasing your trial period.

Use the rest of the solution to fix the problem of popping an error message. Follow the instruction carefully.

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Solution 1: Use a Command in Command Prompt

You can extend your trial time using this method.

Step 1: At first use, the shortcut key “Windows Key + X” and open the command prompt(admin).

Step 2: You can search for the Command prompt in your search bar. Now right-click on it and run as administrator.

Step 3: Alright, now in the Command prompt you have to write this instruction “slmgr –rearm”.

Step 4: Further, click on the Enter button.

Step 5: Afterwards, reboot your system.

Following this, you can save yourself from this annoying error message for at least 30 days.

Step 6: Now it is time to go further, type “Regedit” in your search bar.

Step 7: By clicking on it you will open the Registry Editor.

Step 8: Here you have to search for the tab HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”. click on it.

Step 9: Further, look for the SOFTWARE” word. Click on the same.

Step 10: Here scroll to find the word Microsoft”. Click on it.

Step 11: let’s move ahead, here you have to search Windows NT”. Now click on it.

Step 12: Further, look for the “Currentversion”. Click on it.

Step 13: Now search for the SL” and click on it.

Step 14: Afterwards, go to SkipRearm key.

Step 15: Here you have to right-click on its value. Choose the modify option. Now make it 1.

Step 16: Again, open your Command prompt, you can refer to step no 1 or 2.

Step 17: After that type, this command. “slmgr –rearm” hit the Enter button.

This process will give you 360 more days.

Solution 2: The Product Key Was Not Applied Successfully

If you have installed windows, but still facing the same issue? Applying the product key properly will help you. Follow the steps to achieve it.

Step 1: You can type the command prompt in your search bar to open the command prompt. Now right-click on it and run as an administrator.

Step 2: Alright now type the text “wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey” as it is. Click on the Enter button.

Step 3: Now the text you looking at in front of you is your original product key. Write down it or copy it. You will need it further.

Step 4: From here we will perform Actions to change the product key.

Step 5: You have to click on the start button. Click on it.

Step 6: Alright, now go to the settings of your system.

Step 7: Next step is to click on the Update & security option.

Step 8: Further go to the Activation tab.

Step 9: Here you need to choose the option Change the product key. Click on this.

Step 10: Now, type or paste the product key, you have saved.

We hope this will solve your issue.

You can try another method to activate your windows with your phone.

Step 1: Firstly, use the shortcut key Windows Key + R” to open your run dialog box.

Step 2: Alright, now type Slui 4 and run this.

Step 3: Here one window will pop up in front of you. Choose your country or region name properly. They will make you call according to this information.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on call. They will ask you for your installation ID.

Step 5: Further they will give you your confirmation ID. Using this ID, you can activate your windows.

Step 6: Check your confirmation ID properly. So that you can resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Step 7: After typing your installation key now hit the activate button. This will fix your issue.

Step 8: Finally restart your system and check if the issue gets resolved or not.

Solution 3: Use Media Creation Tool to Reset Your PC and Install the Latest Update

Even after trying all the solutions above, if it is not working for you, then you need to download this tool called Media Creation Tool. By installing this tool into your system, you can resolve this issue easily.

Step 1: At first, go to the Microsoft site to download the tool. You can use this link.

Step 2: Great, now click on the button Download tool now.

Step 3: Alright, you have downloaded the Media creation tool.

Step 4: Further extract the file MediaCreationTool.exe. now run the application as administrator.

Step 5: Now it’s easy, just click yes on the user account control pop-up. And install the Media creation tool.

Step 6:  Here you will see the License terms page. Accept the term and conditions after reading them.

Step 7: Further you will come across the page What do you want to do?” look for the option upgrade now.

Step 8: Finally click on the next tab.

Step 9: Wait for the download and install process.

Step 10: Here you can choose what to what you want to keep and what you don’t need. But check it twice. Once the data is deleted you will not able to restore it.

Step 11: After you have chosen your option, save your files properly.

Step 12: Now it is time to close your files and hit the install button.

Step 13: Wait patiently to complete the process. Don’t shut off your system.

Step 14: Make sure you have connected your system to the charger. This process will restart your system many times.

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Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” usually, this message pops up in your window.

This means your windows license will expire in some time. You can use the first solution to increase your trial time. You can increase your trial time up to 360 days.

But this is not the problem every time. Even you have upgraded your windows, you can face this issue. You can use solution 2 or solution 3 to get rid of it.

We hope this will help you.

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