How To Fix ‘Minecraft Opengl Error 1281’

The OpenGL option in Minecraft is meant to lessen the strain on your PC’s hardware by “instructing” the GPU to skip rendering objects that aren’t in the player’s field of view.

Obviously, the GPU will be doing less work, but the CPU will be working harder. Users frequently report encountering the error message “OpenGL Error 1281,” as the default setting of the option is “On” to provide better performance.

Minecraft Opengl Error 1281

The majority of the time, this error message occurs because of externally supplied variables or modules.

How To Fix OpenGL Error 1281

It’s common for players to see the “OpenGL Error 1281” when trying to launch or play Minecraft on their smartphone. This is a typical issue brought on by Minecraft’s default OpenGL debugging settings.

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Solution 1: Removing all Shaders

Minecraft shaders are an add-on that expands the game’s visual customization options. They’re more like small patches that alter certain aspects of the game, like the season.

Shaders are notorious for causing problems with other mod modules because they consume all the system resources. As each shader is disabled, the error message will be resolved until you find the one causing the problem.

You should begin with the one that was just added and work your way down. You can copy the shaders and paste them somewhere else if you think you might need them later.

Solution 2: Checking Version Compatibility of Mods

Those who encounter OpenGL Error 1281 have likely done substantial modding to their Minecraft installation and are utilising many Mod modules.

This happens when you have modules that are not up to date with one another. Therefore, you should verify the versions of all the add-ons you have installed.

If there is a discrepancy, you may want to remove the mod and give the game another go. The mod’s version compatibility can be quickly checked on the developer website.

Solution 3: Update your Graphics Driver

When a graphics driver is malfunctioning, Minecraft may throw the OpenGL Issue: 1281 error. You can try updating the driver to see if it helps. To locate the proper driver, you can use Windows’s built-in Device Manager or search for it on the manufacturer’s website.

The driver you use must be correct and up to date, regardless of where you find it. Additionally, you can try a driver updater. This is the more practical choice, as driver updates can be performed with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Driver Booster is our top pick for driver update software since it’s effective, user-friendly, and completely free. More so, it offers a refund policy of no questions asked inside the first 60 days. So there’s nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

The steps for updating your graphics driver with Driver Booster are as follows:

Step 1: Get Driver Booster from their website and install it on your machine.

Step 2: The second step is to run a driver scan with Driver Booster.

Step 3: Upgrade your video card’s driver (click the update button next to it). To automatically update all of your drivers, click the red Update Now button.

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OpenGL is a popular programming interfaces application designed to enhance gaming performance on many different platforms.

Because it increases game speed by decreasing the rendering load of the system by sending instructions to the GPU to not draw anything, OpenGL is enabled as a setting in Minecraft by default.

Many players encounter Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281 and are unable to enjoy the game despite the fact that OpenGL settings make the game faster, smoother, and boost the performance.

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