How To Fix ‘Reddit Search Not Working’

Reddit is a popular social media website that operates on the basis of threads and topics. It was released just recently, yet it has already become incredibly popular. Using the forum’s thread and subthread structures, you can learn just about anything.

Despite its popularity and widespread use, we frequently saw situations in which Reddit users were unable to locate the desired threads via the site’s search function.

There are a number of permutations on the core problem, with some cases displaying only partial answers and others displaying none at all. In this answer, we’ll examine the many causes of this problem and the steps you can take to fix them.

Reddit Search Not Working

Reddit Search Not Working Easy Fix

There are a number of potential causes for the Reddit search to stop functioning. It could be due to a filter setting, an ad blocker on your end, or a problem with Reddit’s servers. To fix this, you’ll need to complete a few troubleshooting procedures.

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Solution 1: Checking for Backend Issues

Make sure the problem isn’t on your end and not with Reddit’s servers before proceeding with further debugging. The search feature of Reddit has gone offline on many occasions, and other services have also experienced issues.

From here, you can go to Reddit’s discussion boards to see whether other people have had the same problem. To see how things are going, head over to the Official Reddit Page.

Seeing a yellow bar at the current time usually indicates that there is an issue with the backend servers and that you will have to wait until it is resolved before you can continue.

Solution 2: Disabling Ad Blockers

Because advertisements frequently obscure written content on websites, ad blockers are often a welcome addition to the user experience.

Some ad blocker extensions even claim to have a built-in mechanism that intercepts all traffic and then passes on the filtered version, which eliminates advertisements.

If you want to inspect your Chrome browser’s extensions, type chrome:/extensions into the URL bar and hit Enter. You can turn off the ad blocker by unchecking the “enable” box.

By doing so, the extension’s alterations to your UI will be disabled. Next, try restarting your browser to see if the search bar appears to be functioning properly.

Solution 3: Using an Alternative Search Engine

The normal forum search function on Reddit isn’t the only place users can get what they’re looking for. Anumber of other sites allow users to search Reddit boards with sophisticated parameters and return more results.

The downside is that these sites might stop working at random owing to weird problems, and they’ll need to be updated if Reddit alters their search functionality. This method is not guaranteed to work, but it is worth a go if nothing else has.

Step 1: can be accessed directly from your web browser.

Step 2: Type in your keyword and additional filters if you’d like.

Depending on the criteria you entered, a list of threads that relate to your search will display below.

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Reddit is a popular forum that uses the concepts of threads and topics to facilitate discussion. It was released just recently, yet it has already gained significant traction. You can use its underlying structure of threads and subthreads to research just about any subject imaginable.

Reddit is one of the most popular and widely used primary news aggregation and discussion websites, where users can post and discuss articles on any topic.

The most discussed topics of the day are highlighted on the homepage, and each case is broken out into its own subreddit. Since its inception in 2005, this company has grown to be valued more than $3 billion.

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