IPad Pro Case Compatible With Magic Keyboard

The iPad Pro is frequently used as a laptop today. For graphic design, video editing, and so much more, this device is capable. Not to mention the fact that Apple already makes devices like the Magic Keyboard, which essentially converts the iPad Pro into a laptop.

Therefore, Magic Keyboard comes highly recommended if you intend to type a lot on your iPad. Your fingers won’t get fatigued easily because it is very sensitive. Can you, however, simply chuck it in your backpack without a case and call it a day?

IPad Pro Case Compatible With Magic Keyboard

Is an iPad Pro Case Necessary?

If you don’t carry your iPad and Magic Keyboard with you everywhere you go, an iPad Pro case is not necessary. However, if you use this gadget frequently, you might want to think about getting a protective case.  Magic Keyboard undoubtedly comes with a case of some type. But if you drop your iPad, it won’t help much.

A strong, high-quality case, however, will protect both your iPad and keyboard. So let’s examine the possibilities that are available. iPad keyboards offer a fantastic typing experience as well as portable, strong protection for your iPad. Additionally, they magnetically attach to iPad without the use of plugs, switches, or pairing.

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The Magic Keyboard

The Magic Keyboard offers additional features such a built-in trackpad, lighted keys, and a floating design. The iPad Pro and iPad Air benefit greatly from the Magic Keyboard. It has a wonderful keyboard, a trackpad that expands how iPadOS can be used, a USB-C connector for pass-through charging, front and rear protection, and a great typing experience.

The floating cantilever design of the Magic Keyboard enables you to connect it magnetically and easily adjust it to the ideal viewing position for you.

How Did We Create an iPad Pro Case That Works with the Magic Keyboard?

We knew the iPad Pro case needed to be incredibly thin in order to integrate with the Keyboard, but we weren’t sure how small until we finished our prototype in May. Even though the prototype was only 1.75mm thick, the Magic Keyboard was still too thick to fully close with the tablet.

I would need a case because I recently learned the hard way that I would require some form of side protection. My iPad Pro broke in the front when I dropped it (fortunately, I had AppleCare). It had fallen off the smart keyboard. If you handle the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard incorrectly, I’ve discovered that it can easily fall and pop off the magnets on the rear.

I’ve included a picture of the case on the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard and a link to the case below. The total weight is now 2.6 pounds when I put it on the scale.

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Final Word

The iPad Pro features a huge range of cases in various form factors, much like every iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch model. We continually review, contrast, and test top-rated goods from renowned accessory manufacturers like Logitech, OtterBox, Speck Products, and Spigen, among others, to discover the ones that are the most worthwhile investments.

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