Professional Hitchhiker On To Tell The Truth

Anthony Anderson, the host of the television game show To Tell the Truth, introduces the celebrity panel, which includes Oscar Nunez from The Office, Thomas Lennon from Reno 911, and Chelsea Handler.

According to ABC, the panel would “dig deep” to separate the pretenders from the actual ones, including a professional hitchhiker, someone who had 30 dates in three days, a graveyard archaeologist, a world champion pogo player, and the creator of Dippin’ Dots.

Professional Hitchhiker On To Tell The Truth

Prepare to see more of Chelsea since she will executive produce the half-hour single-camera dramedy Unspeakable for hulu, which will star her close friend, the actress Mary McCormack (Heels, In Plain Sight, The West Wing). Check out the sweet BFF montage below.

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The Subject Of The Book Unspeakable.

“A 45-year-old lady striving to establish her real self in a society where achieving an identity is never simple or complete” is the subject of the book Unspeakable. Michael Morris (Smash), McCormack’s husband, will serve as the director.

The Unspeakable: And Other Subjects Of Discussion, a collection of ten personal essays by Meghan Daum, was optioned by Handler. The celebrity panel consists of Oscar Nunez, Thomas Lennon, and Chelsea Handler.

Learn more about this week’s episode from a panel that includes a professional hitchhiker, someone who went on 30 dates in three days, a cemetery archaeologist, a world champion pogo player, and the creator of Dippin’ Dots.The hilarious reboot of the well-known game show, “To Tell the Truth,” hosted by “Black-ish” actor Anthony Anderson, will up the excitement factor.

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Final Words

It will feature notable pop culture figures and special comments and banter from Mama Doris, Anderson’s mother. Three contestants who each claim to be the same person with the same extraordinary talent, position, or accomplishment are given to the panel in each round. While the other two employ every trick in their arsenal to mislead the panel, one is committed to TELL THE TRUTH. Before determining who they believe is telling the truth, the celebrity panel grills each participant in turn.

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