All Things Possible Setbacks And Success In Politics And Life

Andrew M. Cuomo was raised in a family that valued community, hard work, and helping others. He was a first-generation American born in a working-class area of Queens, New York.

His father, Mario, inspired his son to pursue a career in public service by setting a strong example as a persistent supporter of neighbourhood residents.

All Things Possible Setbacks And Success In Politics And Life

From putting staples in posters during his father’s first political campaign at the age of sixteen to overseeing Mario’s successful 1982 run for governor of New York State at the age of 25, Andrew Cuomo was exposed to politics at a young age.

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All Things Possible

He went from inexperienced campaign manager to visionary reform activist to Clinton cabinet member—at 39—and then to ground-breaking governor of his native state thanks to these experiences, which were reinforced by firmly held personal beliefs.

All Things Possible is not a conventional political memoir, but rather one man’s revelatory reflection on a life marked by a devotion to public service, and the hard-won lessons learned from both his challenges and his accomplishments. It lays out his singular approach to confronting the existing quo.

Autobiographies Can Be Intimidating At Times.

Andrew Cuomo has my heart. The book made me want to get back into supporting these folks because it brought back memories of a time when I was interested in New York politics. Given that it was an autobiography, it was a simple and enjoyable read. Autobiographies can be intimidating at times.

Those of you who are familiar with Cuomo may have followed his career since his time as attorney general. When I wrote letters of praise to his office back then, I used to receive responses. I suppose I was a groupie since I would save newspaper cuttings. I was there.

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Final Words

Let it be known that I look up to President Trump. I wrote “Donald Trump and My Eating Disorder: How the President Ended My War With Food” as a dedication to the president. I like President Trump, but despite that, I want to wed Governor Andrew Cuomo! Oh my! My interest in his book “All Things Possible: Setbacks and Success” was spurred by his daily briefings on the coronavirus outbreak, which I found to be incredibly strong, steady, and sympathetic.

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