Sister Owes Me Lot Money. How

There are a slew of options available to you in order to get her to make good on her debt, but doing so could damage your relationship with your sister. In the long run, I’d rather have a satisfying relationship than a large bank account.

There are a number of ways you might try to get her to pay back the money she owes. Pay her $25 every month for almost four years if she owes you $1000. Pay her immediately on the first day of every month, or after her first paycheck, and tell her, “I’m here for this month’s money.”

Sister Owes Me Lot Money. How

You can exert influence on her by enlisting the help of family and friends. It’s possible that this will arouse resentment.

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You Might be Able to get a Loan From Her.

Ask her specifically how much she owes you. Your debts will be cancelled out, so there will be no need on either of you to pay the other one back.

You can get her to do some job for you in order to pay off your obligation to her. Even if you don’t get your money back, your life will be a little easier if you don’t have to put in as many hours.

No one in my “tight knit” family (i.e., the ones who are invasive at best and emotionally abusive at worst) has handled it very well.

As a child, my sister and I were inseparable, and she was always there for me when I needed it most (usually). Although she is a year older than I am, we have always been close friends and attended the same university, for example. To summarise, she’s always been a high achiever who is also emotionally immature and overly dependent. That has a lot of backstory, but I’m not going to dig into it.

After a few months, she informs me that she has just purchased her plane tickets and will be staying with us for 10 WEEKS! We reside in a studio apartment, are still settling in, and our finances are limited.

Despite my admonitions to the contrary, my friend refuses to reconsider, claiming her schedule is already so jam-packed with travel she won’t have time to go anyhow and that she’d be liable for a hefty cost if she tried to cancel. What do you think? When she shows up, she’s nothing short of a skank.

My husband and I are fed up with her constant want to go out and spend money, as well as her constant complaints that she is bored. The fact that I’ve made her feel unwelcome and unwelcomed has led to more than one crying session.

Everything revolves around her, even when she set the kitchen ablaze – this was a large fire, people (really long story). When she’s stuck at home all day, she refuses to do anything on her own (apart from burning the kitchen on fire, which was all her). The tension level is at an all-time high since she’s a passive-aggressive slut.

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Last Words

I’m not sure how to bring it up, though. It seems like a lot, and I’m not good with conflict, but it’s starting to get on my nerves.

As a result, whenever I’ve tried to bring it up, she has either walked away or changed the subject, and I’ve been complicit in her actions.

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