How Barnes And Noble Went From Villain To Hero

In the past, many readers, writers, and book lovers viewed the book-selling empire, which has 600 locations spanning all 50 states, as bullying publishers and snatching over independent bookstores in its drive for market domination.

Almost everyone in the publishing sector, including independent bookshops, now supports Barnes & Noble. Bookworms and publishers alike benefit from its unique role in the book ecosystem, where it helps readers discover new titles and publishers keep their money put into brick and mortar stores.

How Barnes And Noble Went From Villain To Hero

Barnes and Noble

All in the publishing industry is rooting for Barnes and Noble today, including most independent bookshop owners. Barnes and Noble’s sales were up 3% last year above their pre-pandemic performance in 2019.

Those inadvertent treasures, like a novel that catches your eye in the thriller area of a bookstore, get lost in the shuffle.

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No more fees from publishers to put books in high-traffic areas like the door or window of Barnes and Noble. In the beginning, Mr. Daunt recalled, it appeared to be free money, but it quickly spiralled out of control:

There was a lot of emphasis on books that no one wanted to buy, and large orders that didn’t sell were mailed back. Unsold books can be returned to publishers for full credit, a process that has been around since the Depression.) It’s not uncommon for shipping and handling charges to be substantial.)

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Last Words

They were never a “villain,” in my opinion. B&N was one of my favourite places to spend countless hours. In one (and/or a Borders), most of us have read countless pages (FREE).

And, of course. We couldn’t always find as much variety in independent bookshops as we could in big ones. Although it doesn’t make them any better, the service given by it was appreciated by a majority of the people who used it.

It’s only now that they’re fading away that some people are finally acknowledging their value.

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