Diverse Artists To Write And Illustrate New Dr. Seuss-Inspired Books

The corporation that holds the intellectual property rights to Dr. Seuss’s works said on Wednesday that previously unpublished Dr. Seuss sketches will appear in new books written and drawn by a diverse group of up-and-and-coming authors and artists.

In a statement released on the late author’s birthday, Dr. Seuss Enterprises said new volumes will feature unique stories based on previously unreleased artwork from the author’s archives at the University of California San Diego.

Diverse Artists To Write And Illustrate New Dr. Seuss-Inspired Books

Dr. Seuss

Since Dr. Seuss’ heirs pulled six titles from circulation last year, the whimsical imagery in his work has come under more examination. The new books will be based on Dr. Seuss’ unpublished sketches.

The firm that manages Dr. Seuss’s estate said on Wednesday that a new series of children’s books will be written and drawn by a diverse collection of rising artists based on the author’s previously unpublished sketches.

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Dr. Seuss Enterprises

Dr. Seuss Enterprises’ new endeavour, Seuss Studios, will publish at least two original books each year starting in 2023, according to a statement from the company’s spokeswoman.

Authors and artists for the books are still being selected, but the publisher has stated that they will come from a variety of backgrounds, including individuals of colour.

Many Republican lawmakers and right-leaning media sources have expressed their displeasure with the publisher’s decision to stop publishing works they consider racist and inappropriate.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (CA-R) released a video of himself reading Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” on YouTube, a book that had not been placed on hold. McCarthy captioned his video, saying, “I still adore Dr. Seuss, so I decided to read Green Eggs and Ham. If you’re still a fan, please do the same!”

First, they outlawed Dr. Seuss and now they want to tell us what to say,” McCarthy said at a House hearing on the Democrats’ proposed voting rights measure.

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Last Words

At least two new novels are planned to be published each year, with the first one hitting shelves next year.

Popular Dr. Seuss tales like “The Cat in the Hat” and “Green Eggs and Ham” are still read today, more than three decades after Theodor Seuss Geisel passed away in 1991.

For the year 2021, Forbes estimates that he earned an estimated $35 million, making him the fifth-highest paid dead celebrity. No. 1, Prince No. 2, Michael Jackson No. 3, and Charles Schulz No. 4.

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