Which Line From Utopia Is An Example Of An Anecdote

What passage from Utopia best exemplifies the use of anecdotes? Men’s stupidity has increased the value of gold and silver because of their scarcity, Read the Utopia excerpt. has freely given us all the best things in large quantities.

It is undeniable that everything seems unbelievable to us in proportion to how it departs from established conventions, but a wise judge will not be surprised to learn that given how different their constitution is from ours, how much gold and silver they value should be measured, etc.

Which Line From Utopia Is An Example Of An Anecdote

The Anemolian ambassadors who visited Amaurot when I was there provided the clearest illustration of the opposing impressions that various practises have on people. However, they much more appreciate and loathe the foolishness of individuals who, when they see a wealthy man, act foolishly despite the fact that they owe him nothing and are in no way dependent on his wealth.

Read the Utopia excerpt.

In their large council at Amaurot, to which three representatives from each town are sent once a year, they examine which towns are awash in food and which are lacking in order for the one to be supplied by the other. This is done without any sort of exchange because, depending on their abundance or scarcity, they supply or are supplied from one another, so that the entire island is, in fact, like one big family.

This excerpt’s main point is that Utopians regularly try to help those in need. Which specifics best bolster this main idea?

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Final Words

However, after the ambassadors had spent a day with them and observed such a large amount of gold in their homes (which was greatly despised by them as it was revered in other countries), as well as seeing more gold and silver in the chains and fetters of one slave than in all of their ornaments combined.

their plumes fell, and they were ashamed of all that glory for which they had formed a value for themselves, and as a result, they put it aside.This particular example demonstrates how to use an account of an incident to illustrate a wider point—namely, that wealth is unimportant to Utopians. It’s best characterised as a (n)

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