What Does The Feeling Is Mutual Mean

If the sensation is shared, you both experience in the same way, much like a community of people who admire one another. Mutually is to share. It is a term used in finance to refer to trusts or funds that aggregate the funds of numerous investors to purchase securities.

Definitions Of The Term “Mutual”

What Does The Feeling Is Mutual Mean

A shared experience between two individuals or groups is said to as mutual. Nations will adopt a policy of mutual assistance; colleagues will work together; and enterprises will come to an agreement. Being mutual is beneficial. Mutual consent is the agreement between you and your partner to carry out a joint action, such as composting household waste in the backyard or dressing up as fuzzy mascots for fun.

When there is mutual consent, everything is OK. Definitions of the term “mutual” include “the mutual interests of management and labour” and “common to or shared by two or more parties.” It indicates that they share your sentiments.

When you express your feelings to someone and they respond, “My feelings are mutual” or “The feeling is mutual,” they are trying to convey that they share your emotions. “My feelings are mutual” denotes that I am currently experiencing the same emotions as you, including happiness, sadness, and anxiety. You could also refer to it as EMPATHY.

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Final Words

The phrase “The feeling is reciprocal” is correct; it does not mean “sharing,” as someone once asserted. It indicates that anything you do for me will also be done for you, and vice versa. Mutual feeling exists. It is symbiotic. I hate you! I despise you just as much as you do!

The couple comes to the conclusion that their shared affections for one another are too genuine and powerful for their differences to separate them. When it comes to love, you understand the depth of the shared emotions.

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