Is Stephen Curry Going To The Lakers

There are still two teams vying for the championship as the NBA season draws to a close. The NBA Finals are down to the last game between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics, but Steph Curry is still the topic of debate. The key query is whether Steph Curry can be compared to Kobe Bryant on an equal footing.
Tracy McGrady, a member of the Hall of Fame, claimed in an interview with Chase Hughes that Steph Curry is not on the same level as Kobe Bryant. “Steph is like the 3-point God, as we all know. I’m not sure where to rate him when comparing him to [Michael Jordan] and these players who have won championships of that calibre, such as Kobe [Bryant] and Magic Johnson.

Is Stephen Curry Going To The Lakers

Stephen Curry Is The NBA’s Top Draw

He must be really high, I know. But based on [all of that], I believe those players are in a different league than Steph Curry.” Every TV rating from the past six years can attest to the fact that Stephen Curry is the NBA’s top draw. Fans around the world adore his kind of basketball, so even if it’s a preseason game, they will tune in to see him play.
 In the fifth game of their five-game preseason schedule, the Golden State Warriors face the Los Angeles Lakers. The Bay Area faithful want to know if their superstar talisman, Stephen Curry, would do so since Lakers coach Frank Vogel said that all of their stars are likely to lace up for the game.

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Curry Expressed Confidence About A Potential Comeback

The Golden State Warriors have won each preseason game in which Curry has participated. They made an astonishing 69 three-pointers in that game, which they used to overcome the Portland Trail Blazers 121-107. They then played the Denver Nuggets at home, winning the game 118-116. The Warriors then hosted the LA Lakers and defeated them 121-114.
Curry won’t take the court against the Lakers because of his ongoing foot issue, which he sustained on March 16. Without Curry, the Warriors have only gone 3-6 in their previous nine games and are finding it difficult to compete. Curry expressed confidence about a potential comeback for the start of the playoffs despite being anticipated to miss the rest of the regular season.

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 Final Words

“That two-week (timeline) marker let us know how the wound was recovering. Since you make the most progress in the early stages of healing, you don’t want to rush them “A few days after his accident, Curry spoke to the media.
Curry said when asked if he would be prepared for Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs: “I believe I have time for that. But I’m an optimist.”

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