All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers

One of Larry McMurtry’s most important and enjoyable books, All My Friends Are Going to Be Strangers follows a young writer as he travels from Texas to California in a vehicle he nicknamed El Chevy. When Danny Deck left Houston, he suddenly crashes into the hearts of three women: a lover who makes him happy but won’t remain.

A neighbour who is giving and lustful, and his friend Emma Horton. Danny Deck is on the edge of fame as an author when he leaves. It’s a crazy journey that will take him far away from everyone he truly loves and into an unfamiliar land. Larry McMurtry’s extraordinary talent for recreating the delicate textures of emotions.

All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers

About The Stories Of  Larry McMurtry

The claims of passing time and familiar places, and the rich interconnecting swirl of people’s lives is beautifully on show in All My Friends Are Going to Be Strangers. When Danny Deck writes his first book and sells it to Random House, he is still in high school in Texas.

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This might make you think of Larry McMurtry’s easy-going success with the books that became Hud and The Last Picture Show. It’s just that living is harder — getting married to Sally, who gives him plenty of sex without feeling anything for him and then acts as if he doesn’t exist at all; meeting Jill on the coast.

who reverses the process; and, in between, being by himself in a run-down hotel, writing and eating Fritos and Fig Newtons while occasionally being exposed to the lusher life of the studios; and, finally, returning to Texas, An Author, only to discover that

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Final Words

The book has a wide-open romanticism that subverts the lusty endeavour you would expect. It’s like Danny, footloose and available. And with the endearing candour of its young author — “I might be superior to ordinary. In fact, I might even be young.” potentially minor

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