Biden Healthcare Would Be An Insult To My Dead Son

Former vice president Joe Biden claims in a new political advertisement that providing healthcare to all Americans would be a disgrace to his son Beau Biden, who passed away from brain cancer in 2015.

Take a look for yourself: Biden begins by telling the tale of his son, who passed away despite having access to high-quality medical treatment and insurance.

Biden Healthcare Would Be An Insult To My Dead Son

Over a cheesy soundtrack and images of him kneeling in front of a flag, appearing to be faintly in prayer, and getting a slap on the back from Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden declares in the advertisement that “healthcare is personal to me.” Obamacare means a lot to me personally.

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Joe Biden Describes His Personal Grief

It also affects me personally when I witness the president attempt to destroy it and others propose to rebuild it from scratch. Every American deserves access to affordable healthcare, so we must expand on what we’ve already accomplished.

In a recent Iowa TV ad titled “Personal,” Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden describes his personal grief of losing his wife and children in a car accident and his son Beau Biden later passing away from brain disease.

Everyone Has Access To Healthcare.

By saying that he “couldn’t imagine” what it would’ve been like if their insurance hadn’t covered the medical care required “immediately,” Biden presented his story as a celebration of for-profit health insurance. He also said that he couldn’t “fathom” what would’ve happened if the insurance companies had told his son’s family for the final six months of his life, “You’re on your own.”

‘Health Joe Biden: Ensuring universal healthcare would be an insult to my deceased son The former vice president ran an advertisement referencing a family tragedy and criticising opponents who want to guarantee that everyone has access to healthcare.

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Final Words

. Bernie and Biden Fally Have a Difference of Opinion on Social Security The trolley can be stopped whenever you choose, but doing so would be disrespectful to Joe Biden’s deceased son.

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