Romulus Mayor Leroy Burcroff Democrat Or Republican

LeRoy Burcroff, the mayor of Romulus, is admitting that thousands in campaign expenses that were initially raised by 7 Action News might have gone too far.

The Michigan Secretary of State has been looking into Burcroff’s campaign since early this year. A complaint describing a number of expenses that were initially brought up in our publications served as the impetus for the inquiry.

Romulus Mayor Leroy Burcroff Democrat Or Republican

Burcroff Used Campaign Fund

Burcroff’s lawyer Daniel Wholihan acknowledged in a letter to the state that Burcroff used his campaign fund to pay $4,500 in costs associated with his daughter’s wedding in May. He also acknowledged giving his own church recurrent contributions totaling roughly $15,000 from the fund.

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Wholihan claimed that although Burcroff had first been advised by an attorney that the costs were reasonable in both instances, he now realises that the Secretary of State might be of a different opinion.

The mayor used money from his fund to cover payments totaling over $4,400 that corresponded with his daughter’s wedding, which was hosted at the same club, as well as $3,800 in recurring “memberships” at the adjacent Belleville Yacht Club. Thousands more were described as “donations” as well.


SUBJECT: Yacht clubs SUVs. family paying. Analyze the campaign spending of Michigan’s elected officials. Burcroff dodged questions about whether the fund covered any portion of his daughter’s wedding and whether his spending has always complied with the law when they were raised outside city hall last fall.

News Of The Mayor’s Spending Alarmed Several Locals In Romulus.

Additionally, his team informed American Express and US Bank of more than $10,000 in unauthorised credit card charges. According to Michigan law, payments to credit card issuers must be itemised, but Burcroff consistently skipped this step.

Attorney Steve Liedel, a specialist in campaign financing law, said: “There could be something that explains all this, or there might not be.” But they can’t accomplish it unless they have the knowledge to do so. News of the mayor’s spending alarmed several locals in Romulus.

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Final Words

William Maze, who has spent more than 20 years living and working in Romulus, said, “I was saddened to learn that the Mayor of Romulus was participating in this.”

In a statement to the Michigan secretary of state that Wholihan sent on the mayor’s behalf in May, Burcroff acknowledged utilising the $4,500 for his daughter’s wedding as well as nearly $15,000 for contributions to his local church.

According to WXYZ, Burcroff, who declared earlier this year that he would not seek reelection, has returned $20,000 to his campaign fund to cover the costs.

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