Can You Dry Whites And Colors Together

Because of the water, heat, detergents, or some combination of all of these factors, the colours in clothing frequently migrate or “bleed” throughout the washing process. Depending on the type of cloth the garment is composed of, different dyes respond in the process in different ways.

For instance, a fabric blend containing at least 3% spandex is more likely than other materials to bleed or have the colour migrate following washing. But starting with the first wash, every item of clothing will bleed a tiny bit, turning it into an old, faded t-shirt.

Can You Dry Whites And Colors Together

Drying Process Inside A Dryer

Despite this, the atmosphere for dye bleed can be just as favourable during the drying process inside a dryer as it is during the washing phase. The clothes are still wet, the dryer’s drum is spinning back and forth like a washing machine drum, causing the clothes to tumble over one another, and the heat is actively working to remove the dye from the fabric of the clothes.

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To prevent any potential accidents, it is preferable to dry the clothing separately. A quick tip is to dry the garments just enough to leave them moist, and then let them air dry or use the dryer’s cooling cycle to simulate air drying. The goal is to avoid overdrying the clothing, which can result in a variety of issues beyond colour bleeding.

Harsh Detergents Speed Up The Release Of Colour From Clothing.

First of all, it is not even a choice if you are cleaning brand-new clothing. Most recently coloured clothing releases extra dye. The fabric, detergent, and washing machine water temperature are just a few examples of the variables that affect how quickly this happens.

Harsh detergents speed up the release of colour from clothing. The same rule holds true when washing freshly dyed clothing in hot water.  Even when washed in hot water and with abrasive detergent, some newly coloured clothes, especially those made of synthetic fabrics, do not fade.

If you plan to eventually wash new coloured garments in the same load as whites, it is generally advised to wash them separately for the first few times. Second, it’s a good idea to sort your laundry if you’re using hot water settings to wash your garments. Hot water makes colours more susceptible to fading (whether new or old).

Not Advised To Dry Whites And Colours Together.

They might just fade at a very slow rate that is undetectable to the eye. However, as time passes, you will start to notice that your whites are losing their brightness. Keep in mind that it is not advised to dry whites and colours together. Sort your clothing into four piles: whites, bright colours, dark colours, and blacks. Black clothing can occasionally be washed in the same load as dark colours if necessary.

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Final Words

Read the care instructions on the label of your item if you have any questions about how to wash and dry coloured items properly. Hopefully, this tutorial has helped you find the solutions you needed and understand the method behind the laundry sorting process. At first, it could seem like a time-consuming process, but once you figure out a strategy, it won’t seem that bad, and your clothes will appreciate it.

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