How to Fix ‘iTunes won’t Open’ on Mac Error?

Created by Apple Computer, iTunes is an audio playback and library software. To download and view files from your hard drive, you can use iTunes. The software can also download songs from the iTunes Music Store (for a small fee).

You may also play spoken word files, such as audio books or other recordings, though songs are the most popular files that iTunes plays. There is also a radio option for iTunes that enables you to play live Internet radio streams from a variety of stations.

The program that comes with all the apple offerings is iTunes, which helps you to transfer your content to your Apple devices from your phone. On a Mac or Desktop, iTunes can be used. Nonetheless, very surprisingly, a number of reports have come in where users are unable to open the application on their Macs.

These reports indicate that either the app does not respond or only a few seconds after loading, it crashes. In this post, we will suggest some ways to permanently fix this problem and also educate you about the reasons why it happens.

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What Prevents iTunes from Opening on Mac?

There are several factors that may cause the program to go crazy and begin to malfunction. In the case of iTunes, we found the reasons listed, due to which the problem was created –

  • Non-Updated Application: Due to an outdated application, it has been seen that certain people were facing the problem. The program triggers the prompt to update the app every time it is released, but it also failed because of the delay in the updating phase.
  • Incorrect Startup: It’s also likely that perhaps the program or the operating system did not start properly and one of them failed because of an error. Because of all this, the application could face problems during start-up.
  • Corrupt data: In certain incidents, the program installation files may have been corrupted while on an upgrade or for another purpose. If this is indeed the case, the program would not actually start since, in order to commence, it needs the integrity of its files to be protected.

How to Fix the Error iTune Won’t Open on Mac? 

Now we’re going to be moving on to the remedies. To prevent confrontation, bear in mind to follow the solutions correctly and in the same way that they are portrayed.

Solution 1: The Framework Update

Perhaps the first step we should take in debugging the issue is to verify that the application has been properly upgraded. We must, therefore, manually check and install updates for iTunes in this phase. For that:

Step 1: In the top left corner, click on the Apple logo and choose the ‘App Store’ option.

Step 2: On the “Updates” tab, click.

If there is indeed a software update currently offered, the macOS update option will be displayed.

Step 3: Click on the “More” link because we just want to update iTunes.

Step 4: Click the ‘Update’ button in front of the option for iTunes.

When you open the iTunes app, wait for the program to be updated, restart the device and check to see if the problem persists.

Solution 2: Program and Device Restart

In certain circumstances, due to which the problem is caused, the program or the system wouldn’t have been started properly. So, in this phase, we’re going to restart the system and then reboot the iTunes app.

Step 1: Let the machine restart.

Step 2: To open a finder window, click the Finder on your dock and pick the ‘Applications’ option from the sidebar.

Step 3: Double-click on the folder “Utilities” and click to open the “Activity Monitor” window.

Step 4: In the Monitor, search for the iTunes process and left-click on it.

Step 5: After selecting the software, click on the ‘x’ button in the octagon to close it in the background.

Step 6: Start the application again and check to see if the problem is resolved.

Solution 3: iTunes Re-Installation

If the application files have been modified or corrupted, iTunes might experience problems during start-up. We will therefore be reinstalling the application in this step. Do the following –

Step 1: Completely remove iTunes from your machine.

Step 2: Find the latest iTunes from the official site.


Step 3: To install it on your Mac, run the file.

Step 4: To see if the problem continues, open and verify.

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iTunes is a multipurpose interface that provides a lot of convenience for Apple users, such as restoring and transferring data with apple devices. So we realize how important it is to you. Keep your iTunes updated regularly and also update the software version of your Apple device regularly.

Also, the “Cannot Open iTunes” error message of “another user has it open” appears sometimes when iTunes doesn’t open. In this case, you should make sure that the iTunes that is opened in another profile is closed and that you have only one profile at a time to start iTunes. Thank You for your time.

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