Masters Invitations Endure As A Signature Detail For The Tournament

Even before it was known as the Masters, the tournament was an invitation-only affair, but its popularity and renown have grown since the early days of the event. Although Augusta National has the ability to ask others to compete, the option to play today isn’t exactly a surprise.

The club provides a list of clear-cut ways to qualify, from prior Masters champion status to finishing in the top four at the P.G.A. Championship in the previous year. When it comes to the tournament’s rich history, many players are unaware that it comes with a physical invitation.

Masters Invitations Endure As A Signature Detail For The Tournament

Wyndham Championship

After winning the Wyndham Championship, Patrick Reed was told to keep an eye out for an invitation from Augusta National, but he still found it “unbelievable” when the envelope from the club near the Savannah River arrived ahead of the 2014 Masters.

Reed went on to win one of Augusta National’s green jackets in 2018. That first invitation, as well as the one he received when he won, remained in his possession for years.

Despite not knowing what happened to the other invitations, he remarked at a press conference in 2019 that “both are items I will preserve and love forever.” Aside from the invitation itself, “the chills when opening it is just a terrific experience,” he said.

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Neither Crenshaw nor Player had any recollection of similar occurrences in previous rounds. At the very least, it was a simple tournament. Organizers were plagued by a player who had previously stated that the British Open was his favourite tournament and claimed that he had not received a letter from the R&A.

Included in this category is the Clenshaw Tournament. Augusta National founder Bobby Jones, who died in 1971, is often credited with inventing the current form. There are few sporting events as esteemed as the Masters. Competitors are chosen based on their prior results.

A gold medal, lifelong entrance to the Masters, and automatic invitations to the other three majors for the next five years are just some of the perks that the victors receive.

Since 1949, victors have also received a distinctive green jacket from a club member and, since 1961, their names have been etched on the silver Masters Trophy.

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Last Words

Augusta National Golf Club is often referred to as the “most beautiful golf course in the world” by players on the PGA Tour. The azaleas and pines are more majestic, the sky is bluer, and the wind is softer on this golf course than any other. a quote by Sam Snead

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