Staying Put In The Same One Bedroom For 60 Years

West 82nd Street is where Alpern grew up. He studied architecture at Columbia University and bought this sensible 17th-floor flat when it was still under construction as a student. He had a second career as a lawyer after working as an architect for more than 20 years.

The Dakota and Rosario Candela’s buildings are among the subjects he has written about in his 11 volumes on Manhattan’s architecture dating back to 1860.

Staying Put In The Same One Bedroom For 60 Years

Affluent New York City Apartments:

Elegant Entrances and Ingratiating Ingresses, published in 2020, is his most recent work. To keep the housing market affordable, the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) sponsored Penn South, which limits resale prices and the incomes of buyers.

An extensive waiting list is in place. These blocks around it have become home to some of the most opulent buildings of our contemporary Gilded Age in proximity to the High Line.

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She remembers the days when the nearest side street, Schenley, was a dirt road, and life was a lot slower. You could enjoy tea on the veranda because “everyone stayed at home,” according to the narrator.

Everybody is getting up and moving these days, including Mrs. Johns. She walks up and down it 20 times each day as a form of physical exercise. Sitting all the time will make you “dry up and blow away,” she warns.

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Last Words

Mrs. Johns stares at a painting of St. John’s College in Annapolis, which she gave to her husband before they were married, in the living room surrounded by family portraits.

She reminisces of Sunday afternoons spent dancing with friends in the sun room. In addition, there are many that celebrate the New Year. And, of course, the guests at a daughter’s wedding.

“We had a lot of great parties here.”

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