Man Found Alive 18 Days After Funeral

18 days after his alleged funeral and burial, a Portuguese man who was listed as dead by his local hospital has been found alive. On January 10, a 92-year-old man from Milheirós de Poiares, Feira, northern Portugal, was pronounced dead.

The elderly guy had been admitted to the Hospital de Oliveira de Azeméis in Santa Maria da Feira for nearly two months due to respiratory issues before becoming infected with coronavirus there.

Man Found Alive 18 Days After Funeral

They Wouldn’t Allow Me To  View The Body

“They informed my sister that Dad had died by phone. They wouldn’t allow me view the body, so I continued to try to identify it “The man’s son, Aurelino Vieira, said last week to the Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Noticias. I insisted on viewing the body since I had a suspicion it wasn’t my father, but they wouldn’t let me, which I respected.

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 However, the hospital last Saturday informed the family that the 92-year-reported old’s death was a “error” and he was still alive, adding that the body buried during his supposed funeral service belonged to another family who were later made aware of the error, according to Jornal de Noticias via Newsweek.

 After hearing the news, Viera claimed he went straight to the hospital to see his father.

 “I was informed by hospital staff members who came to speak with me that there had been a mistake and that my father was still alive. They expressed regret for the error, “cited by Viera in Jornal de Noticias. “My father was awake and alert. He is lucid, and I spoke with him.”

In India, a 45-year-old man was discovered alive after being declared dead and placed in a freezer for seven hours, according to medical professionals.

 The Times of India reports that on November 18, Srikesh Kumar was critically injured after being struck by a motorcycle in Moradabad, India. Doctors later pronounced him dead, and the next day he was placed in a freezer.

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 Seven hours later, when Kumar’s family went to identify his body, his sister-in-law Madhu Bala saw him moving.

 “The patient had no heartbeat when the emergency medical officer first saw him at three in the morning. He informed me that he had repeatedly studied the subject, “The hospital’s medical director, Rajendra Kumar, said Agence France-Presse on Sunday.

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