10 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives In 2023

Users currently place a high value on torrent sites. This is why there are so many torrent sites on the internet nowadays. However, only a handful of them manage to stay for extended periods of time and attract additional consumers. ExtraTorrent was one of those sites that quickly grew in popularity and attracted a large number of users.

Despite its popularity, its original edition is no longer available for usage, and people are upset as a result of the website’s unavailability. Nowadays, consumers are hunting for ExtraTorrent mirror sites or other sites that offer comparable features.



You’re probably wondering what the mirror site is. Mirror sites are exact replicas of the main website, with the same appearance and feel. Both sites do the same type of work. The mirror website, on the other hand, has virtually little in common with the original site’s team, and is thus controlled by distinct persons.

The mirror sites are hosted on a separate server from the primary site. Keep in mind that mirror sites are not the same as proxy sites. Proxy sites are websites that allow you to access the content of a primary website without actually connecting to it.

Proxy sites are mostly used to get around censorship imposed on the source site. These proxies are only useful if the original or primary site is up and running. ExtraTorrent’s original site has been taken down and is no longer operational, leaving users with little choice but to look for alternatives or mirror sites.

Top 10 ExtraTorrent Alternatives

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1. ThePirateBay 

The Pirate Bay is a well-known website. It has made more contributions to file sharing than any other website. This one of the oldest pirate websites, like other torrent networks, has struggled with copyright difficulties and law enforcement authorities for many years. Some of the team’s members have even served time in prison.

Despite all of these issues, the site has remained online and accessible to its visitors. The Hollywood parties just want the site to be banned and taken down, but the pirate bay continues to host and provide a wide range of torrents from all categories, delighting and entertaining its fans.

If you are from a region where English is not spoken, you need not fear because the site is available in 35 other languages.

2. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrent is a general website for sharing and using torrent files. Despite the stagnation of file-sharing, the site manages to expand and become famous. The site’s user interface is worth noticing. It has also added a new feature called redesigned homepage, which has a modern look.

There are also large, well-organized buttons for numerous torrent categories on the homepage, as well as a very handy search section.

Although another limetorrents site is not particularly appealing, what counts most is the content, and limetorrents does not disappoint in providing its users with a diverse range of content, including TV episodes, games, apps, music, and anime.

3. 1337x

The site is designed specifically for new users who are unfamiliar with file-sharing and don’t know how to use it. The website is incredibly appealing and elegant. It’s an old torrent website that’s been available to users since 2007. Since then, the site has kept its customers entertained by providing excellent stuff that they would enjoy.

4. Zooqle

zooqle is the next best thing to ExtraTorrent. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular additional torrent options. It has a tremendous amount of content variety. You will find over 3.5 million torrent files on the website if you visit it. Aside from that, the site is updated with roughly 1000 torrent files every day.

The site’s design and good functionality, in addition to its content, have all contributed to its popularity among users. English and Russian are the two languages offered on the site. In the near future, we can expect other languages to be available on the website.

5. YTS

YTS is YIFY’s successor website. YIFY was a torrent website as well. The content of YTS is of great quality, including movies. Furthermore, the content does not take long to download, which attracts users.

This is done as part of the site’s optimization. This is a YIFY mirror site that looks and feels the same but is managed by a separate group of people. The site performs admirably and is so worthwhile to use.

6. RuTracker

RuTracker, as the name implies, is primarily a torrent service that offers both Russian and English torrent downloads. It’s a sort of semi-private torrent tracker.

There are no seeding requirements for the account, thus it can be created for free. Members are occasionally encouraged to share their favourite torrents with others, much like they are on other sites, in order to attract new users.

This is standard etiquette for all torrent websites, thus it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Because navigating the website in English is challenging, it is recommended that you utilise Google Translate to translate the webpage into English.

The RuTracker is simple to use, and there is no need for a user guide before using it. It also has an adblock filter that allows you to block advertising that appear on the site at any moment.

7. KickassTorrents

The term “Kickass Torrents” is self-explanatory. It is a very popular website. In the year 2008, Kickass Torrents was launched. Since then, the site has grown in popularity to the point where it now attracts almost 1 million daily visitors.

The site has undergone a transformation in recent years that has not been well received by the public, yet it remains one of the most popular destinations in the world. The site is basic and was created with users who are unfamiliar with torrent sites in mind.

The major draw is the search bar, which resembles the Google search bar. There’s also a community part where people may talk about torrenting.

8. TorrentDownloads

Torrent Downloads is the other option on the list. The site is attractive, and users may access a variety of torrents, including TV episodes, movies, games, anime, and novels.

If you use this site, you will never be bored. The site does not distract or disturb its users with advertisements, and the stuff available for download is mostly harmless. On this site, harmful torrents are also uncommon. So, if you’re concerned about privacy, you might want to check out this website.

9. TorLock

Torlock is a website that hosts a large number of torrents. It has approximately 7 million torrents, all of which have been validated. Aside from that, the site is always being updated with new torrents.

Users who are unsure of what to watch can go to the site, where they will find a pre-selected selection of different files, most of which are popular and well-liked by the public. Adult content is also available on the site, but only in specified parts, so don’t worry about accidently downloading it.

10. SkyTorrents

The site is available in a variety of languages, including English, Japanese, Russian, French, and Portuguese. Users can see a list of positive and negative keywords in the advanced search queries area of skytorrents. Torrentz2 is identical to this site. The site’s index has around 30 million entries, which is quite a large number.

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Even if popular sites like ExtraTorrent are no longer available for users, there are many other sites, such as those described above, that contain high-quality content and will not make you miss ExtraTorrent. So go ahead and enjoy these sites, and don’t forget to test your favourite.

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