Baseball Is Dying. The Government Should

It’s important to be clear about the consequences of nationalizing baseball up front. As much as I would like to believe that the Biden administration could seize all 30 clubs and disband the league by executive fiat, it is more realistic to presume that Congress would have to be involved in any such action.

At the current (and inflated) market value, the legislation would allow the purchase of the teams. A new government workforce would include players, coaches, and other staff members.

Baseball Is Dying. The Government Should

Election Timing

An election every six years would be held for the statewide position of general manager, which would be appointed by that state’s governor. We wouldn’t have a time limit.

MLB owners and players’ unions have a tendency to impede efforts to expand globally and revive minor leagues, which is a shame because Marvin Miller, a pioneer in both the rights of athletes and unionization, is not in the Hall of Fame but has become a reactionary force.

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Baseball Unpredicatable Future

Baseball’s future should resemble that of international soccer, with multiple top-tier leagues located throughout the world and a quadrennial championship that truly puts the “world” in “World’s Series.”

Local clubs, such as those in schools or in the lower leagues, are necessary if you want to get people interested in the game and get them hooked on it. These can’t feed a hierarchy in American towns headed by 30 teams.

Just like hockey, the National Football League is the “Godzilla” of sports, but baseball is a “regional, specialized sport.”

Why Baseball is Facing Downside

Downsizing in Major League Baseball was inevitable, and it will also occur in the NFL in the future. Eventually. Similar to McDonald’s demise, this is what is happening now Almost every business and brand experiences the same problem.

Baseball as a professional sport began in the United States in 1871, and it dominated the country’s professional sports industry for the next 100 years.

Boxing and horse racing, as well as college football, were all competitors at one time. The biggest was the National League of Baseball. He threw in a couple of additional teams that could make it to the World Series, as well. “The Mets, in my opinion, have made significant progress.

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Final Words

The Dodgers will always be a difficult opponent. Getting to the World Series is difficult, and winning it is much more difficult, but injuries are a component that you can’t control “Hernandez said in response. As a 20-year veteran of the game, Hernandez shared a few tips on how to speed things up.

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