You Always Have That Strong Eye Makeup

Miss Fox On the red carpet at the 2022 Academy Awards, Julia Fox remarked, “I Actually Did It Myself,” in reference to her eye makeup. In late March 2022, a clip of the quote was turned into a sound effect on TikTok, where users employed it to make fun of their lacklustre performance in skits.

Viral Trend Involved

You Always Have That Strong Eye Makeup

Actress Julia Fox was questioned by a reporter about her striking black eye makeup at the Vanity Fair gala for the 2022 Academy Awards. She said, “I actually did it myself, sure,” in a breathy voice. TikToker @keltieknight released the video on March 27th, 2022, and it received almost 174,000 likes in under a week.

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As people coupled the film with skits boasting about lacklustre accomplishments, it swiftly rose to prominence on TikTok. For instance, TikToker @jazzay.xx  gained over 86,000 likes in one week for their joke about creating a straightforward visual that wowed their senior coworkers (shown below, left). Over 71,000 people liked the joke made by user prettywithlee  with the comment, “So who gave you the best orgasm in your life?” in just four days.

Another sound-related viral trend involved people making bad decisions for their lives. Over 408,000 people liked a joke shared by user Tamzintaber  about picking a fight with her partner without cause in just four days (shown below, left). A similar joke about how her boyfriend’s Instagram followers destroy her day was shared by user @livvy  and it received over 365,000 likes in just five days.

Black Eyes Are Certainly Among The Most Common Eye Colours.

Black eyes are certainly among the most common eye colours. Like, those babies will look good in basically anything. Having said that, there are several eyeshadow hues that make your black eyes shine and stand out more than they normally do.

These colours, which range from metallic brights to even your standard smokey black, truly draw the focus to your eyes. For information on the finest makeup for black eyes that will make them pop, scroll down to view black eye makeup colours. Ideas And Inspiration For Black Eyes Makeup

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Final Words

The world is your oyster when you have black eyes, so paint it any colour you choose and let your cosmetics take the lead. Take a look at these black eye makeup styles that are ideal for using with dark eyes.

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