When Will We Know Who Won The Election

When will the election results be available?It’s the crucial electoral question, to which nobody has yet provided a satisfactory response.This is due to the fact that everything depends on how tight the race is between the two big parties at today’s end.

So, at the very least, we may expect to start receiving election results about 6 PM AEST. Despite the large number of early ballots cast in this election, a new regulation will let the electoral commission to begin sorting votes early – precisely at 4pm.

When Will We Know Who Won The Election

“Hopefully, we won’t stay up as late as we did in 2016 and 2019. A new regulation allows the electoral commission to begin sorting pre-election votes by Saturday at 4pm “Antony Green, the head election analyst for the ABC, says.

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Electronic Media Role in Declaring the Result

As a result, personnel will be able to organise votes so that they may be processed and tallied as soon as 6 o’clock arrives. Green says, “Hopefully they can count the pre-polls more quickly.”fter the polls close, green will be appearing frequently on your ABC displays. Additionally, the updates will be posted to our live blog.

Our live blog and the ABC News Channel’s ongoing coverage of the election will keep you up to date on all of the most recent developments.Results will start to be made public by the Australian Electoral Commission after 6 o’clock.The ABC election computer, which Green will be in charge of, will be fed the results as they come in.

Green, who typically calls Australian elections first, will keep an eye on the data and make a call depending on the outcomes. All of this takes place on election night, when poll workers record their totals on the AEC website between 8:30 and 1:00 am.

Ballots Counting

However, there is occasionally a significant delay between the election and the results because it can take up to 10 full days to count all the ballots, including those cast overseas, interstate, and via mail. Particularly, postal ballots add time to the process because the AEC can receive them up to 13 days after the election.

House of Representatives seats are often counted that evening, and Senate seats follow, typically over the course of the next few days. The calculation method is far more difficult than it is for the House of Representatives because this is a state-wide vote.

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Final Words

Even while it usually only takes a few days to receive the formal verdict, we could end up having to wait a maximum of five weeks before learning the outcome.

It’s highly likely that the election results won’t be announced on the night of the vote. It will probably take a few days to figure it all out, but it might even take a few weeks to declare the winner.

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