Was Saltbox Hamptons. Now Its Something

A three-bedroom, two bathroom saltbox he bought in 1992 for $620,000 has been mainly used on weekends or during the summer months since he bought it in 1992.

His time in the area has increased significantly since he began teaching at New York University and the University of Miami six years ago, after he retired from his legal practise. Things that used to annoy him very little have suddenly escalated to major irritations.

Was Saltbox Hamptons. Now Its Something

Saltbox-Style Home

Joe Tringali had become weary of his saltbox-style home in Wainscott, New York, where he had lived for the previous 25 years. “He wanted to live in a glass box,” said Reid Balthaser, his architect. This article is credited to Eric Striffler of the New York Times.

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Because it lacked a door, his loft-style bedroom on the second floor could hear everything that was going on on the first. Even though it faced south, his living room was rarely used due to the lack of light.

And now for the fun part: the aesthetics. Many of you will recognise the house we’re touring today. East Hampton, New York’s historic saltbox mansion once belonged to interior designer Tom Scheerer. The Osborne Jackson Home, or “Rowdy House,” an 18th-century boarding house for artists, has been linked to the Kennedy family in recent years. There is a wooden farmhouse table in the dining room that belonged to Jaqueline Kennedy as a youngster when her parents rented the property for the summers.

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Last Words

With central heating and stainless steel appliances, the National Registry of Historic Places-listed property is now an upscale residence with all the conveniences of today’s lifestyle.

Located just half a mile from the ocean, the property has a three-quarter acre lot and is just a short distance from good restaurants and luxury shopping. This saltbox home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a sun porch, as well as several architectural aspects that are original to the house. It gets even more special when you factor in the stunning interiors designed by one of the finest American decorators of all time. It was the August 2008 issue of House Beautiful that showcased the rooms.

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