U.S. Figure Skating Championships 2018

It’s safe to assume that rising star Bradie Tennell will be representing the United States at the Olympics next month after her nearly perfect free skate on Friday night won her the national title.

U.S. Figure Skating Championships 2018

Tennell skated a flawless short programme two days ago, and then skated a flawless long programme as the last skater yesterday despite being under a lot of pressure. Other elite skaters, like as Mirai Nagasu and Karen Chen, had previously posted excellent routines.

I just had to keep my cool and concentrate on the things I was capable of, Tennell added. While I do experience some initial jitters, I soon find that I am able to push over them and continue.

U.S. Figure Skating Championships 2018

That Feeling is Beyond Words For Me.

Former US champion Nagasu capped a sensationally delicious comeback with a second-place result and a near-certain entry in the Olympics next month. This berth had been denied to her by the selection committee four years prior. To prepare for Sochi, the slot was offered to Ashley Wagner, who had finished fifth overall and one place behind Nagasu.

Defending champion Chen, who was sick on Friday, finished third, while Wagner came in at fourth.

Three ladies will be selected for the Pyeongchang Olympics, and their participation will be announced this coming Saturday.

In the last seconds of an inspiring routine, Nagasu landed a loop after she had already dominated the competition and two-footed the triple axel that no other American woman attempts. The impact of her performance was so profound that she cried, hiding her face as she struggled to regain control of the emotions that had previously let her down.

As Nagasu Saw Her Score of 213.84, She Was Still Sobbing in The Kiss And Cry Area, Which Was Very Apt.

Despite Chen’s success last season, he has struggled to repeat that success so far this year. She coldly put an end to their problems with a brilliant performance that let down only slightly in the last moments. She scored a 198.59, and like me, she was moved to tears.

With a score of 219.51, Tennell made it a hat trick of sobs. Tennell, who was an outsider to make the Olympic team to begin with, shocked everyone by placing third at Skate America. It wasn’t quite ice-breaking, but she turned it up to eleven for the nationals.

Wagner kept the crowd pumped for the majority of her high-energy routine, but her final lutz fell short. After finishing, she bowed deeply to her adoring supporters, but she shook her head firmly “no” when she saw her grades.

“I’m furious, I am totally furious,” Wagner exclaimed. To put out two programmes as solid as I did at this competition and to get those scores, I am irritated and, I think, justifiably so. I know when I go and I lay it down, and I completely left one leap on the table.

In the preliminary short dance, fan favourites Maia and Alex Shibutani handily defeated the other top teams. Sunday night is the free dance.

When Moving To a Latin Beat, The Ice Should Crackle. That Happened Because of the Shibutanis.

And it’s not like Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue or Madison Chock and Evan Bates weren’t smoking. None of the three couples have given up hope of competing for one of the three American spots in the Pyeongchang Olympics.

Given the strength of the competition from the French and Canadian duos, the United States is unlikely to win more than one podium slot. After their recent showings, every one of the US candidates deserves to be taken into account.

The short dance this year must be set to Latin music, namely a rhumba. The brother-sister team, known as “Shib Sibs,” performed a routine that highlighted their speed, strength, and even a little bit of mischief. The eight side-by-side twizzle turns were timed to the musical numerals one through eight, and they were the climactic moment of the routine for the two-time defending champions and three-time world medalists.

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