Thirty Russian Helicopters Destroyed In Surprise Attack

During an assault on an airstrip close to the captured southern city of Kherson, Ukraine asserted that its forces had destroyed 30 Russian helicopters. The Chornobaivka airstrip near Kherson was shelled by Ukrainian military at night.

The occupiers made the decision to send some of their fleet there. According to a statement posted on Facebook by the Ukrainian Marine Command and translated by the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform, thirty enemy helicopters were destroyed in addition to personnel and equipment.

Thirty Russian Helicopters Destroyed In Surprise Attack

Significant Ukrainian City To Be Overrun By Invading Russian Soldiers Was Kherson And Mariupol

According to a Google translation of the Marine Command post, “Russian evil spirits do not start the morning in Ukraine with coffee.” The first significant Ukrainian city to be overrun by invading Russian soldiers was Kherson, a crucial strategic location along the Black Sea, which was taken by Russia last week.

Russian military are laying siege to the port city of Mariupol as they disperse across the southern part of the nation. Separate Ukrainian attacks on Russian forces in the vicinity of Mykolaiv, also in southern Ukraine, were also described by Marine Command.

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Ukraine is to be praised

According to the statement, three enemy convoys that were approaching Mykolaiv throughout the course of the day were destroyed, with Ukrainian defenders taking “trophies” such a lot of ammunition, wheeled equipment, and seven D-20 howitzers as well as other items.

“We appreciate everyone who today protects our family and keeps watch over our houses in the areas of Kherson, Mykolaiv, and Odessa, while some of the personnel halts the Russian assault along other state defence frontiers. Ukraine will undoubtedly prevail. Ukraine is to be praised,” it went on.

Previously, Ukraine declared that it. The destruction of thirty Russian helicopters. An inventory of the aircraft lost during the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Reply. Octavia Gorczany wrote her article on source 40 19 hours ago. Ukraine claims a surprise attack on 30 Russian helicopters resulted in their destruction.

At least four Su-34 fighter/bombers, four Su-25 ground attack fighters, two Su-30 fighter jets, and nine attack helicopters were among the Russian aircraft that were shot down. Additionally, at Mykolaiv, Ukrainian forces attacked three military columns, destroying them, and took seven D-20 howitzers and their associated ammunition.

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Final Words

In the meantime, the Ukrainian military asserted that they had retaken the city of and destroyed up to 30 Russian helicopters that had been transported overnight to Chornobaivka airport, close to Kherson. Along with personnel and equipment, 30 enemy helicopters were destroyed, according to a Facebook post by the Marine Corps Command.

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