The Superpredator Light. Myth Did Lot

The Beat Within: A Compositional History of Incarcerated Writing: A Timeline of Student Research. Nell Bernstein’s Burning Down the House, The End of Juvenile Prison was read by students during the Fall semester of 2015.

They were asked to identify news media and multimedia that were linked to a myth about a “Super-Predator” that they had learned about in Chapter 5, “The Rise of the Super-Predator And the Decline of the Rehabilitative Ideal”.

The Superpredator Light

The Superpredator Light. Myth Did Lot

Bernstein writes in the textbook, “According to Princeton political science professor John Dilulio, the “super-predators” that are predicted to arrive are “more savage than redeemable,” and the experts who have stoked the alarm have established a name for themselves by exaggerating the threat.

Dilulio, the drug czar William J. Bennett, and think-tank director John P. Walters collaborated on a book called Body Count, which was released on October 9th, 1996.

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It’s the job of those in power to develop policies that keep us in check. Violation of policy is a violation of the law, and you’re suddenly a criminal even if you haven’t done anything wrong. This is a “law enforcement” jobs scheme that requires a booming industry. If you don’t do what they want, they’ll take our money and put it in theirs. That’s how Justise works. As a result, we call it a FREE COUNTRY.

A study of Philadelphia youths found that six percent of the cohort were responsible for more than half of the major offences. DiIulio was then a young professor at Princeton University. “Moral poverty… the poverty of being without caring, capable, responsible adults who teach you right from wrong,” he said of these persistent offenders.

As many as 30,000 teenage “murderers, rapists, and muggers” will be wandering America’s streets by the year 2000, DiIulio predicted. Because they see their victims as nothing more than a pile of useless “white trash,” they have no regard for the lives they have taken “He put pen to paper and began writing.

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Last Words

However, who was dehumanising? As recently as a few years ago, the media used the terms “wilding” and “wolf pack” to describe the rape of a lady in New York City’s Central Park, when five teens—four Black and one Hispanic—were imprisoned and ultimately exonerated.

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