Stop. Breathe. We Keep Like This.

In this article we will talk about the Stop. Breathe. We Keep Like This. Ezra Klein Show. The promise of a productivity revolution with the internet was not met.

In other words, the pitch was that we’d get more done faster and with less anxiety.

Stop. Breathe. We Keep Like This.

Dissolving boundaries between work and home, feeling continually behind, low productivity numbers—and reaction GIFs—were the results of our constant communication. Weird things happened.

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The Ezra Klein Show

In his quest to discover the answer, computer scientist Cal Newport at Georgetown University has written several books.

According to his theories, supposedly more productive, happier, and socially rich lifestyles have instead left us more weary, empty, and anxious than ever before due to the advancements in technology that were touted as such. He’s doing something that’s uncommon: he’s asking himself if it’s all been worth it.

As a critic of Newport’s work, I’ve always felt that his attention to the individual was excessive. A “digital minimalist” is akin to telling someone who works in an office that uses just Slack and email to communicate that they should go on a diet.

“A World Without Email,” on the other hand, focuses solely on systems, namely the mechanisms that govern our daily lives.

A daring claim is made in the book: We are currently experiencing a large, ongoing failure of markets and businesses to reimagine work for the digital age. However, things could change. It’s up to us..

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Last Words

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