Son Is Not Alone. Millions Young

He was in pre-trial imprisonment without charge for the majority of that time as well. A new lawsuit was brought against him earlier this year by a state security court because of worldwide pressure to stop the practise of these long-term detentions.

Mohamed Oxygen, a human rights lawyer who represented Alaa in the arrest of Mohamed al-Baqer, is also charged with spreading fake news.

Defense attorneys were denied access to the case file, preventing them from mounting a defence.

Son Is Not Alone. Millions Young

Although Alaa is being kept in the same prison where a prisoner died after being tortured, we have learned that he is being held on trial for retweeting a message regarding the death of the prisoner.

On Monday, Alaa and his co-conspirators will be sentenced. The sentence is final and cannot be overturned.

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Clean up Your Human Rights Law

Egypt’s human rights laws are under pressure from the U.S. and Europe, although this pressure is simply aimed to placate some of their own supporters. Egypt’s government has responded accordingly. “Clean up your human rights law,” they say, “means we support you, but please don’t humiliate us”. An excellent national human rights policy, for example, was just released by Egypt.

United States officials said they “welcomed the concept” and will “continue with the policy” after meeting with their Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry two months later.

discussion on human rights”: Egyptian activist Alaa Abd El Fattah gets British citizenship and demands for an investigation of human rights abuses in the United Kingdom

Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Alaa Abd El Fattah

My Son Isn’t Alone Out There. Many Young People Commit His Offenses Every Day.

It’s called The Bar. Committee on Human Rights in Great Britain and Wales Alaa Abd El Fattah, Mohamed El-Baqer, and others’ continued prosecution and detention at the Egyptian State Security Court raises serious concerns about Egypt’s rule of law issue.

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Last Words

Alaa Abd El Fattah tells the court in his first court appearance after more than two years in prison that his detention is unconstitutional

Alaa Abd El Fatah’s life is under threat. This guy claims to be at the end of his tether!

A chronology of events: from Moubarak through Sissi, to the Seif family, or resistance as a legacy

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