R. Pacheco Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

As a result, Rommel Pacheco is now widely regarded as a national hero in Mexico. As a diver, his career has taken him all around the globe.

R. Pacheco Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The 35-year-old has competed in and carried the Mexican flag at four Olympic Games: Athens in 2004, Beijing in 2008, Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and Tokyo in 2021.

R. Pacheco Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Most of his success came in the Pan American Games, where he won gold in 2003, silver in 2007, and silver again in 2015. At the 2016 World Championships in Rio de Janeiro, he won gold on the three-meter springboard.

A year later, he and Viviana del Angel won silver in the mixed diving team event at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest.

While he went home empty-handed from his final competition this year, Rommel did so with the love and admiration of his people.

Pacheco’s next-to-last dive of his career was a 3.4 degree of difficulty, and he failed to reach the required score, earning him scores of 3. This ultimately disqualified him from medal contention.

In the end, Xiyi Xie of China came out on top with a score of 558.75, followed by Zongyuan Wang of China with 534.90 and Jack Laugher of England with 518.

The athlete, having finished in sixth place, wept as he embraced his coach Ma Jin and received applause from his fellow Olympians and representatives of other countries.

The five-foot-six-inch diver recently said that after the Tokyo Olympic Games, he would no longer compete in any sort of athletic event or continue diving.

A Career Spanning Over 20 Years is Now Over.

He started swimming when he was 8 years old. In September of 1995, he competed in the II National Tournament of Sports Talents in Diving and came out on top. Pacheco triumphed in the one-meter springboard event and placed third in the three-meter springboard event.

From then on, he was the subject of widespread interest from the media, sports governing bodies, and fans, who cheered him on to an already prosperous start to his career.

A young prodigy even at the tender age of 12, he was recognised as such by the Mexican Diving Federation in 1999.

And thus, after 20 years of hard work, the fruits of that labour are on display this week at the Olympics in Tokyo.

However, Rommel does not Leave the Diving board Empty-Handed.

Tens of thousands of fans of his sporting career and his celebrity appearances on shows like “Exatlón México,” “Bailando con las estrellas,” “Quién es la máscara?” and “Guerreros México” follow him on social media.

In addition, he served for 11 years as a lieutenant in the Mexican Army and campaigned in the 2021 intermediate federal elections for the National Action Party (PAN). On June 6th of this year, he was elected to a post as a federal deputy.

His dedication to the sport he loves and his work with organisations has made him a well-known and respected personality in Yucatán and beyond the country.


In his own words, Rommel remarked as he departed the Tokyo stage, “Today I’m hanging up my swimsuit. As a member of the diving community,

I appreciate the support I have received. I’m going out on top, having finished in sixth position and carrying my country’s banner. Thanks for read our Article R. Pacheco Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

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