How To Fix ‘OpenGL Error 1281’

Many individuals enjoy playing computer games, but they frequently encounter various problems and issues when doing so. The Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281 is the sole cause. Minecraft OpenGL is a type of configuration that may be found within the game.

It is incredibly useful for game players since it allows them to make the game run quickly and smoothly while also minimising the burden on the device. Minecraft OpenGL tells the GPU to lighten up on the CPU.



Users may turn on the option to make the game run quicker and smoother than before, which may result in the Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281.

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What Does OpenGL Error 1281 Mean in Minecraft

If you’re a gamer and you’re getting the Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281 on your device while playing a game, it could be due to mod modules or third-party apps that are interfering with the game you’re playing.

This Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281 can be caused by a variety of factors. Take a look at a few of the reasons:

Shaders: The shaders installed by users are one of the sources of this problem. The graphic parameters are represented by these shaders. If the shaders that are imported have any faults or damage, an error message about Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281 will appear on your device while you are playing the game.

OptiFine: When it comes to OptiFine, it’s an application that’s run by a third party. It aids users by improving the game’s quality so that it runs faster and smoother, but if OptiFine is having problems or is not up to date, you may encounter Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281.

Version Control: If the forge and shader versions you’re using aren’t in sync, you’ll get this error when playing Minecraft on your computer.

Java Files: As the name implies, this is a problem with your Java files. Java is utilised in every game you play on your computer. Java was automatically installed in the game, but if they left it out, it will produce an issue while you are playing.

So, these are some of the reasons why you could encounter issues in Minecraft. Before looking at the remedies to this error, you should make sure that you are in a location with a decent internet connection so that the procedure can run properly.

How Do I Fix Minecraft’s OpenGL Error 1281

If you’re having trouble with OpenGL Error 1281 in Minecraft, have a look at some of the remedies listed below to help you cure the problem:

Solution 1: Get Rid of Shaders

Shaders are installed by users, as previously stated. These are the graphic options that users utilise to alter their graphics. Shaders will allow you to change the terrains and textures while playing the game, allowing you to have more fun. You can, for example, alter the mod’s season from winter to summer.

Shaders require a lot of resources from your PC while doing so, which can cause conflicts with modules and result in an error. It is recommended that you disable all shaders to cure this problem. You may also try disabling the shaders one at a time to see which one is generating the game’s issue.

If you wish to utilise the shaders again later, you can clip and paste them into a different file.

Solution 2: OptiFine 

OptiFine is an application that is used to make the game faster and smoother, as previously said. The problem is that it is in the control of a third-party. Users can enjoy the game more with the help of Optifine’s HD textures.

Not only that, but OptiFine also provides shader support. However, if it is not in the most recent version or is in an error state, it may result in an error while playing the game.

To resolve this problem, you should first check the version of OptiFine you’re using. If it’s an older version, download the most recent version of OptiFine, restart your device, and see if the problem has been rectified.

Solution 3: Verify Mod Version Compatibility

Users who have customised their Minecraft are more likely to see the OpenGL Error 1281. As a result, if you run more than one mod module while playing the game, this error is quite likely to occur. As previously stated, if the forge and the shaders are not in sync, you may see this issue.

In addition, all of the mods’ versions must be checked. As a result, it’s critical to double-check the versions of all the mods you’re using to resolve this issue. All of the mods should be compatible with one another, and if they aren’t, you should disable one of them and see whether the problem persists.

Solution 4: Manually Install Java Packages 

Minecraft constantly needs Java while you are playing the game on your PC. Java is automatically installed in your game. There are several different sorts of java files that can cause this problem. As a result, you should manually install the Java Packages on your PC.

Java packages are a collection of java files. All of these java files are used by a variety of apps, including Minecraft. To resolve this issue, it is critical to install the Java packages on the computer.

The following are the ways to manually download the Java Packages to your computer:

Step 1: First, right-click on the tab This PC and select Properties from the menu.

Step 2: There should now be a System Sort option where you can check the type of operating system that has previously been installed on your computer. Java must be downloaded depending on the sort of operating system you are using.

Step 3: After downloading the file, extract it, open it, and copy the file’s version.

Step 4: After that, hit Windows + E to enter the window explorer and type the following commands:

Java (C:Program Files) (for 32 bit)

Java (x86) C:Program Files (x86) (for 64 bit)

You must now paste the file that you copied in step 4.

Step 5: Next, open the Minecraft mod manager and go to the bottom of the page to Edit profile.

Step 6: Finally, double-check the Java settings and executable option, as well as whether the file path is properly fixed.

Step 7: Restart your computer to see if the problem has been repaired and the error has been fixed.

Solution 5: Reinstall Minecraft 

If you’ve tried all of the options listed above and still haven’t addressed your problem, you should try this remedy, which suggests that you should reinstall Minecraft, the game.

This will assist in clearing and erasing all corrupt data, as well as cleaning the entire game. You can also copy the data folder and put it into another location on your device if necessary.

You should do so by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Press Windows + R and type “appwiz. cpl” in the box that appears.

Step 2: After that, you must locate Minecraft, right-click it, and remove it.

Step 3: After you’ve finished uninstalling the game, go to the official Minecraft website and download it. Visit their website and re-download the game to see whether the problem has been resolved.

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So, if you enjoy playing games and are experiencing the same Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281 you should try the remedies listed above and see if the problem has been resolved.

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