How to Fix ‘No Route Error on Discord’

Discord is a platform mostly used by gamers to communicate within their community. It’s an easy-to-use application that has been evolved to be important for other communities apart from gamers too.

However, users have been complaining about the display of an error screen in discord. Specifically, a No Route error flashes across the screen which prevents the users from joining voice channels.

What is Causing The Discord No Route error?

There are multiple reasons as to why Discord might display this error message. In most cases, it might be a third-party application or a VPN. After thorough research, we gathered a few points on why the Discord No Route error might occur.

An antivirus program or network firewall is blocking Discord from working conventionally. If this is the case, Discord will not be permitted to maintain a connection with the outside server.

The computer might be using VPN without User Datagram Protocol, abbreviated as UDP. Discord is normally allowed to work in tandem with VPN if it is used with UDP.

The IP address assigned to your computer has changed.Discord is blocked by the network administrator.

Some places like colleges or other institutions might have the application blocked by the network. This can hinder you from using the application.

The Server’s voice region is incompatible. This glitch can occur if you try to join a server hosted in a different region.

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How to Fix No Route Error on Discord?

Fixing Discord’s No Route Error is not very difficult and can be done and dusted within a few minutes. Sometimes, a simple restart could also fix your problem.

It is seen that the dynamic IP is very unstable and fluctuates which causes lots of issues. Hence, restarting the router might solve the error.

You can also try joining another network with a better internet connection to solve this issue.

However, if things don’t work out, this article will provide you all the necessary details to get your error fixed. Before proceeding with the following methods, verify that your network is private.

Method 1: Restart Modem + Router + Computer

Firstly, the No Route error can be fixed easily with a simple restart. You can restore your router or modem and then your PC.

Or there’s another method where you can just unplug the power cable and put it back in. If the error is still not fixed, you can proceed with the next method.

Method 2: Uninstall 3rd Party Firewall or White List Discord (if applicable)

Over-defensive antivirus programs or Firewalls can ultimately cause the No Route error. Sometimes, it can create a barrier from content that isn’t actually unsafe.

Uninstalling the antivirus programs might be a working solution and fix the error. Following are the steps to follow this method if the first didn’t work out.

Step 1: First, press Windows + R to start open a run dialog box.

Step 2: And then, proceed to type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter to open up Programs and Features.

Step 3: Inside it, scroll down to discover the third party security solution, then right-click on the option and tap on Uninstall.

Step 4: Meticulously, follow the on-screen prompts and uninstall it properly.

Step 5: Restart your Discord and check if the issue still prevails.

If the atop method doesn’t work out, you can also try to white list discord. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Firstly, press Windows + I to launch Settings, and then click on Update & Security.

Step 2: Now, scroll to the Windows Security page and tap on the Open Windows Security option.

Step 3: In the window that appears next, click on the Firewall & Network protection.

Step 4: Now, click on the Allow an app through the firewall button.

Step 5: In the dialogue box that appears after the above step, click on Change Settings.

Step 6: Then, provide a right-tick mark on the boxes to the left of the Discord.

However, if Discord isn’t among the listed programs, then you must click on Allow another app, then look through and find discord. Once found, click on the Add button.

And if the steps stated above don’t work out, try out the next methods.

Method 3: Remove Your VPN or Use One With UDP (if applicable)

It is well known that Discord doesn’t play well with VPN programs, especially ones without the UDP (User Datagram Protocol) technology.

You can Google search to check if your VPN supports UDP. And if it doesn’t, it is advisable to disable it while using the Discord application.

You can also opt for other VPN providers so as to receive a No Route error flash message.

The issues might be solved with this step and if it still doesn’t, try out the next four methods.

Method 4: Verify Whether Discord is Blocked By Your Network Admin

If you’ve noticed that the glitch is occurring only when you’re running discord in the different networks such as in school, college, or in any work institutions.

Then, discord must surely have been blocked by the administrator of the network. However, there is a way to find a loop-hole that will allow you to use Discord even when it is blocked.

Step 1: Firstly, press Windows + R to launch a Run dialog box. Then, type the following words,  ‘control’ and press Enter to open up Control Panel.

Step 2: Then proceed towards the Network and Internet, and next carry forward to the Network and Sharing Center. Click on the Connections option.

Step 3: When the next window pops up, click on Properties.

Step 4: Now, in the Properties window, locate the Networking tab, and then click on it. In the following window that appears, select Internet Protocol Version 4 and clicks on Properties again.

Step 5: Next, scroll down to the DNS Server settings and reform it to Use the following DNS server addresses. Now, set the value of the Preferred DNS server to 8 8 8 8 and the value of the Alternate DNS server to 8 8 4 4. Then, tap on the OK button to sustain the changes.

Step 6: Finally, close all the opened windows and restart your computer. Now, your Discord should be able to connect to a new server without the No route error.

If the error is still persistent, pursue the next methods.

Method 5: Change The Server’s Voice Region

Voice connection errors are pretty common when you’re trying to communicate with another user who is residing in another region.

The issue might be prevailing due to the fact that the server has a different voice region than you.

To fix this, the owner of the server has to change the server voice region. The server settings can be also be altered manually by the following steps.

Step 1: At first, launch the Discord application and tap on the error next to your server’s name. Then, click on Server Settings.

Step 2: Next, the Server Overview page appears, then click on the Change button on the page, right beside of the server region.

Step 3: Furthermore, choose a different region according to your preference.

Step 4: Finally, click on Save Changes button to end this method successfully.

If the glitch is still appearing, proceed with the following methods.

Method 6: Disable QoS from Voice & Video Settings

Discord possesses lots of features which instructs your router that the data being sent is of high priority. The Quality of Service (QoS) helps Discord to improve the voice quality.

However, the feature causes a number of problems like not being able to hear and No Route error. Hence, here are the steps to disable the QoS feature.

Step 1: At first, open up your Discord application and press the gear icon near your account.

Step 2: Next, scroll down to Settings and click on Voice & Video.

Step 3: Then, travel down to Quality of Service and verify that the Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority is run-down.

Step 4: Restart your Discord and check if the problem is still present. If it is a yes then go further with the next method below.

Method 7: Flushing the DNS setting

A system-wide restart usually fixes the No Route error. If the result is not achieved then, you can set a new IP address and reform the current DNS settings by implementing few commands. Following are the steps:

Step 1: Firstly, press Windows + R to launch a Run dialog box. Then, type ‘cmd’ and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open Command Prompt as an administrator.

Step 2: In the Elevated Command prompt, type ‘ipconfig/release’ and press the Enter button.

Step 3: Next, type ipconfig/flushdns’ and press Enter to flush the DNS.

Step 4: Now, type the following command ipconfig/renew to renew the configuration.

Step 5: Finally, reboot your computer. Then investigate if the No Router error has been resolved.

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Final Words

Hopefully, the seven methods presented above were able to solve your No Route error in Discord. This is a very tricky error that requires the utmost attention to solve it.

However, if nothing has worked out, you can contact Discord’s official support team and submit a request. After that, they will respond to you with their official solution.

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