How to Fix ‘NET Runtime Optimization Service’ High CPU

Updating windows 10? Then you must go through this article. Many people facing the problem “.NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU” Making it simple you will see your computer is running slow after updating.

You will notice, something called “.NET Runtime Optimization Service” will be using almost 97% CPU in your task manager.

Ideally, this service should take few minutes to run. But if a problem occurs it can take you a long time, making your computer slow. Now let’s see the reason behind this problem.

What Causes the .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU Usage?

As “.NET Runtime Optimization Service” helps you to speed up your apps and services. For doing this task is required to work on its library files. That is the case when it utilizes almost 97% of the CPU for just a few minutes. But due to some causes, it takes more time than usual.

Cause 1: Malware

While downloading some files or apps some malware got entered into your system. This malware might be creating a problem for this service.

Cause 2: Corrupted service

The service you might using got corrupted. Such a corrupted service will create a problem for your computer. In this case, restarting the service might help you.

It’s hectic to face this issue after updating your windows 10. Let’s dive into solutions.

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How to Fix .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU?

In this article we have provided you the list of some best solutions to fix the error .NET runtime optimization service high CPU. If you are also having this issue then go through the article to find the solutions.

Solution 1: Optimizing the process

As “.NET Runtime Optimization Service” is helpful for your computer, please don’t try to end it before it is completed. Better than that you can try to finish this process more quickly. Use the following steps to speed up this service –

Step 1: At first click on the search icon in the taskbar. Write “cmd” to open the Command prompt.

Step 2: Further right-click on the Command prompt and choose the option run as administrator.

Step 3: You can use an alternative, just use the shortcut key “Windows + R” and open the Run window. Typecmd” to open the Command prompt. And run as administrator.

Step 4: Alright now, if your system is of 32 bits write this command in command prompt. “cd c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319”. Now hit the Enter key.

Step 5: Now, if you are using 64 bits system write this command in the command prompt “cd c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319” and press the Enter button.

Step 6: Let’s move ahead write the instruction “ngen.exe executequeueditems” in the Command prompt and execute it by pressing Enter button.

This solution must make it normal. Check your system is running properly. You can also check-in the task manager.

Solution 2: Scan Your Computer for Malware

As we already discussed above, malware is one of the major factors causing this error. Because of the malware, your computer system gets affected. We are going to scan the computer using windows security. Follow the steps below to scan your computer for Malware –

Step 1: At first click on the search option on your taskbar. Type “Virus and threat protection”.

Step 2: Further select the option Manage settings.

Step 3: Alright now, turn on the Real-time protection option.

Step 4: Great! Now let’s scan your system. To do this come back to the virus and thread protection window.

Step 5: Here click on the Scan button.

Step 6: Now select the scanning option you want. And click on the scan now tab.

Step 7: Finally, again go to the virus and threat protection window and choose the option Threat history to see the scanned result.

Solution 3: Restarting the Service

Sometimes service got corrupted due to some bug. You can restart this service and hopefully, it will run without a bug. Let’s check how to do this –

Step 1: Firstly, use the shortcut key “Windows Key + R” and open the Run box.

Step 2: Now type the instruction “services.msc” and hit the ok button. This step will open the services tool.

Step 3: Further search for the “NVIDIA Telemetry Container service” in the list. Now, right-click on it and go to the properties option.

Step 4: Now stop this service by clicking on the stop tab.

Step 5: Now start the service again. You can click on the start button to do this. Set startup type to automatic.

Step 6: Finally click on the ok button.

Step 7: If you are getting this message, “Windows could not start the service on Local Computer. Error 1079: The account specified for this service differs from the account specified for other services running in the same process.” Follow the further steps.

Step 8: Here you should go back to the services tool, Now right-click on the service “NVIDIA Telemetry Container service”. Go to the properties option.

Step 9: Under the Log on tab click the option Browse.

Step 10: Let’s move ahead, now enter your account’s name in the Enter the object name to select. And wait.

Step 11: Finally click on the ok button. If the system asking you for a password type password.

These steps will start your service.

Solution 4: Performing a Clean Boot

Clean boot is a better option to check which services except for the default programs of windows are running automatically on your computer. Usually, these extra services take CPU time for optimization. Perform the clean boot service using the following steps

Step 1: At first, use the shortcut “Windows Key + R” to open the Run window.

Step 2: Further type the instruction “msconfig” and hit Enter button.

Step 3: Your last step will open the system configuration window. Now, select the option service.

Step 4: Further you will see a checkbox with the option Hide All Microsoft Services. Click on this, now click on the disable all option.

Step 5: Alright, now click on apply and then hit the ok button.

Step 6: If the system is asking you for a restart, select the option restart later.

Step 7: Now, again open the system configuration window.

Step 8: Here choose the option startup and then click on the open Task Manager.

Step 9: Further search for the option Startup impact. Here you can disable all services with high impact.

Step 10: Now, to disable it right-click on it choose the option to disable.

Step 11: You can enable it later if you want. Then it will start automatically.

Step 12: Finally restart your system. And it will open in clean boot.

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As .NET Runtime Optimization Service helps to speed up your system, it’s normal taking a high CPU while running. But the normal operation takes few minutes. The problem occurs when the system runs for the whole day or sometimes for more days. This makes your computer slow.

Malware and bugs mainly cause this error. Using the above solutions, you can fix this issue easily.

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