M. Duran Olympic Hames Tokyo 2020

Mariah Duran, a street skateboarder, will be taking off on a flight in less than a week to fly across the Pacific Ocean and land in Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Olympics. And Duran admitted, “I’m very nervous.”

M. Duran Olympic Hames Tokyo 2020

As one of the first skateboarders to compete in the Olympic Games, she is both nervous and thrilled to be there.

M. Duran Olympic Hames Tokyo 2020

But Duran admitted that she only gets nervous when she doesn’t feel ready. Since the Opening Ceremony is in a little over a week, her current top objective is to maintain concentration and remain calm. She explained that “it’s basically simply harder on the rest days.” For me, keeping busy is a great way to keep my nerves in check.

The 24-year-old skateboarder has had time to contemplate on the sport’s significance as she prepares to reach a new professional milestone.

Her new relationship with Always aims to encourage girls to continue participating in sports through the age of puberty, a time when many of them choose to stop. She credits skateboarding for giving her confidence and teaching her that hard work pays off.

“Skateboarding has a way of testing your confidence from the moment you try it,” Duran remarked. The concept of learning from mistakes is introduced.

The experience of Duran’s first time on a skateboard is one she will never forget. She had borrowed her brother’s board when she was about 10 years old and remembered getting on it and tumbling. But she knew it was doable because she had seen kids riding bikes around her Neighbourhood. Fork in the road ahead: “Am I going to keep going, or am I going to hang this up?”

Skateboarding represented freedom and the will to keep going to Duran, so when she fell off, she went back on and eventually fell in love with the sport. Duran defended his position, saying, “I get to actually select how strongly I want something, or how far I can take it.”

After her initial fall, she quickly regained her footing and continued her session. Not going to happen like that, Duran thought. I’m not stopping till I don’t stumble anymore. That outlook has followed her into her working life as well. No matter how low I descend, I will always rise again.


Now that Duran has qualified for her first Olympics, she is utilising that same resolve to train hard for the big event. Now that the Olympics are so close, she is trying to keep her mind in the game from the moment she wakes up until the end of her training session.

Because it is so near to the Games, you don’t want to get ahead of yourself,” Duran said. “It’s important to strike a balance between doing too little and too much. You merely wish to witness the entire event.”

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