K. Hoefler Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A historic first-place finish in the Olympic competition for skateboarding, and a valuable lesson for future competitors.

K. Hoefler Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Skateboarding made history on Sunday at the Tokyo Olympics, but if the sport’s first Olympic champion had rode his board out of the stadium where he made history, he would have swiftly been confronted with obvious proof that his sport still had a way to go to capturing hearts and minds.

K. Hoefler Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Next to a school and within easy skating distance of Ariake Urban Sports Park is a sign that states “No skateboarding.”

I wish you the best of luck in convincing Yuto Horigome to abandon his current pursuits and find something new. The native of Tokyo, who learnt to skate as a child and refined his derring-do abilities on the city’s congested streets where skateboarders are sometimes not welcome, now has a compelling reason that he should be left alone: a gleaming gold Olympic medal won in the city where he learned to skate.

Skateboarding, according to Horigome, is still a niche sport. Skateboarding is awesome, and I want to prove it to you.”

Result achieved.

Skating’s first Olympic appearance was a resounding success, providing a high-octane spectacle with plenty of thrills and spills from athletes who were already familiar to the Games’ younger audience.

The bronze medalist, American skater Jagger Eaton, quickly took his phone out of his pocket and went live on Instagram to celebrate his achievement.

And Kelvin Hoefler, who used to sleep with his board when he first fell in love with skating as a young lad, was so elated with his Olympic silver that he started imagining kids back in his home Brazil possibly setting aside their soccer balls and leaping onto four wheels instead.

As a result, “it’s going to be mind-changing for them,” he said.

Perhaps even for the Games Themselves.

When it came to participants, none were more ingrained in the “living is a joy” mindset of their counter-culture pursuit’s birthplace in carefree California than those in this year’s competition. Skaters, putting rivalry aside, whooped and applauded when their peers accomplished difficult tricks, in the hopes that other, more staid sports would take note.

Skater Manny Santiago from Puerto Rico remarked, “The goal is to improve each sport to the maximum, and we can do that without having to bash or cheat.” Those other sports really could use that. You don’t see it in swimming, but yesterday night in the cafeteria, most of the countries and the skating men sat down to eat together as if to say, “Let’s all sit down before the event starts.”

It’s unheard of in most sports, but several skaters wore headphones while competing. While out for his first run, Eaton listened to “Rollin n Controllin” by rapper Dusty Locane.

He said, “It really put me into the swing of things.”

However, American figure skater Nyjah Huston was the sport’s breakout talent, but he was never able to establish his stride. He struggled to land tricks and ended up seventh in the finals of the eight-man division.

The Californian was one of several who sweated profusely in the “skatepark” of rails, steps, ledges, and other pieces of urban furniture that serve as obstacles in the street competition. Monday will be the day of the women’s street competition.

The wheel axles’ rubber bushings melted in the scorching heat, making the boards more difficult to steer.

Huston warned that “your feet started scorching up.” When your board gets hot, it flexes more. And that’s why I fell for one of those tricks:

However, Huston Framed Skating’s Olympic debut as a Triumph for skaters globally.

Huston expressed optimism that the event will lead to a greater tolerance of skateboarding in major places like Tokyo. As opposed to what many assume, we are not actively engaging in acts of vandalism or trespassing. We are simply performing our duties and having a blast while doing them.

Horigome kept his cool under pressure, performing impressive stunts as Huston struggled. Horigome got his start skating when he was 7 years old, following in his father’s skateboarding footsteps in a park located around 30 minutes away from the site of the 2020 Olympic Games.

After defeating Huston at the global championships in Rome in June, the 22-year-old was considered a strong gold contender.

Horigome’s best trick was a nollie 270 noseslide, in which he flipped his board on takeoff and slid it down a rough rail on its nose.

A perfect 9.5 was awarded for that! In the final competition, Horigome was the only skater to receive a perfect score of nine for every single one of his tricks.

Ayane Nakamura, age 8, screamed at the TV in her home with a view of the arena as she watched Horigome win gold with a final trick.


Ayane, a skateboarder who hopes to compete in the Olympics one day, has mentioned that she is occasionally reprimanded for speeding about on her Peanuts-themed board.

While waiting outside the arena on Sunday morning, she skated some ollies while wearing a Japan shirt in the hopes of catching a peek of the skaters entering.

Some people scold me,” she stated. Thus, I am compelled to go into hiding. Thanks for read our Article K. Hoefler Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

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