J. Williams Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

As soon as the 400m Olympic final is over, Welwyn Garden City’s Jodie Williams hopes to feel pride instead of disappointment.

J. Williams Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

After placing sixth in the 400-meter final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Welwyn Garden City’s Jodie Williams said she will feel proud “later.”

J. Williams Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Despite running at or near her personal best of 49.97 seconds, the Herts Phoenix runner finished behind the all-star group lead by Shaunae Miller-Uibo and thus did not make the podium.

Although it was not her intention, she did give the impression that the sadness would be replaced by something else in the near future.

This 27-year-old man stated: “Just did it. I took a chance and started off fast, but I ran out of steam and couldn’t finish. Since this is my first time competing in the finals, I came really close to winning.

“To be honest, I’m quite upset right now, but I know that looking back, I’ll be proud of how I handled the situation. I’ve only ever ran four 400-meter races before this year, but I picked up my game, won a medal indoors, and now I’m an Olympic finalist with two consecutive 49-second performances.

I’ve always come through in the clutch, and while I’m disappointed that I didn’t win the medal that would have capped off a fantastic season, I can’t be too down on myself.

Still, she’s confident that she and her teammates, as well as future audiences, will profit from the experience.

The words of Williams can be quoted in full below: “Our being here together is wonderful, and the experience has been truly remarkable. In this room, we’ve been through a lot together.

“Seeing the performances come out of this has been extremely inspiring for me, since I know it was mentally taxing for everyone involved to wonder if the Games would go ahead at all, and then be postponed for a year.

Daryll Neita, a graduate of Oaklands College in St. Albans, had more luck as he helped lead Great Britain to a bronze medal in the 4x100m relay with a powerful last leg.

That’s what she told me, she explained “I was waiting patiently to see Dina, and she slammed right into me.

“We’ve worked so hard as a team, and this medal means a lot to us because of everything we’ve been through; I just did what I could to bring it home for the girls.


It’s been an incredible Championships for me personally; I ran my first sub-11, qualified for the Olympic final, and won a bronze medal. Thanks for read our Article J. Williams Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

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