Ice-Cold Bats Put Powerful Dodgers On Brink Of Early Winter

Long before dusk, fierce wind gusts screamed in from centre field and persisted through the late innings of Monday night’s game.

The normally peaceful Chavez Ravine was transformed into a spinning inferno that looked, felt, and played more like the San Francisco shoreline or even the old Candlestick Park as they buffeted the foul poles.

Ice-Cold Bats Put Powerful Dodgers On Brink Of Early Winter

The two-hitting Albert Pujols of Los Angeles stated, “It’s all part of the game, Mother Nature.” “And you must honour that.” The Dodgers lost in a game that put the defending World Series champions in danger of going home early because they were playing out of their zone while being at home.

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NL Division Series

In their 1-0 loss to the Giants on Monday night in Game 3 of the NL Division Series, the Dodgers only managed five singles. In three games against San Francisco, the potent lineup that led the NL with 830 runs and 237 home runs during the regular season was shut out twice, which is a major issue in the heat of a best-of-five series.

The Dodgers believed they should have been able to battle the wind, which was unlike anything this stadium has had encountered. Hey, it happens, remarked Pujols. That’s something you have no control over. It’s a component of the game. You can’t possibly believe it was freezing. We lost the game tonight, so you can’t say it was the wind’s fault.

This Punchless Monster In Blue

But despite winning three NL pennants and one championship over the previous four seasons, the Dodgers were unable to score the crucial, dramatic hits that have defined so much of their postseason success for the second time in the series. This punchless monster in blue couldn’t handle even facing modest former Dodgers starter Alex Wood, whose fastest pitch didn’t exceed 90 mph.

However, there were a few instances when the Dodgers believed their postseason serendipity had returned, only for it to be blown down once more. Plastic bags, napkins, and peanut bags all flew through the stands and onto the warning track.

San Gabriel Mountains Was Obscured By A Dirty Haze

The typical gorgeous view of the San Gabriel Mountains was obscured by a dirty haze, and the only place to observe a pregame flyover was on the videoboard. In the second inning, a white fan’s cap flew out of the crowd and landed on the field.

The pitching staff’s clothes were ruffled by the ferocious wind that continuously blew from left field to right during the whole game. Albert Pujols, who contributed two of the Dodgers’ three hits, said: “It’s just part of the game, Mother Nature, and you have to accept that.”

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Final Words

Between Posey’s single in the first and Bryant’s single with two outs in the fourth, Scherzer struck out 10 batters. In seven innings, Scherzer allowed three hits and one run. On 110 pitches, the three-time Cy Young Award winner walked one while striking out 10, which was his seventh career double-digit playoff strikeout total.

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