How To Cut Wire Without Wire Cutters

A proficient wire cutter is a useful item to have on hand regardless of how big or small the job you’re working on is. You may use wire cutters to quickly and accurately cut most types of wire, including construction wire, copper, brass, and steel.

But what if you aren’t in possession of a wire cutter? What are your alternatives for cutting the wire to finish the job? Realistically, it is not advised to attempt to cut wire using anything other than a good pair of wire cutters. It makes sense to just spend money on a high-quality wire cutter as they are affordable and widely available.

How To Cut Wire Without Wire Cutters

Methods For Cutting Wire Without A Wire Cutter

There are some other methods for cutting wire without a wire cutter, albeit they are not advised. It is feasible to continually bend a wire back and forth until it literally breaks if it is thin and malleable. This procedure will undoubtedly fail if the wire is excessively thick or jacketed.

The integrity of the wire has been damaged if you can continually bend it to the point where it breaks. Work-hardening will occur in the vicinity of the cut or break in the wire, actually strengthening and hardening that area more than the remainder of the wire.

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Sadly, the bending will cause the wire to distort, and after it separates, it will become unreliable and function poorly.

A piece of copper wire will eventually break if bent back and forth repeatedly enough. The “cut” will look ugly and the wire nearby won’t function or be as dependable because of work-hardening and possible deformation in the sections of wire close to where the break occurs.

Quite Challenging To Cut Wire With A Saw

It will probably be quite challenging to cut wire with a saw unless the wire has a very high diameter in comparison to the size of the saw blade’s teeth. When using a hacksaw to cut a piece of paperclip wire, the wire is likely to bend and distort considerably before being successfully cut through.

Use A Torch To Try To Melt Through The Wire

If you use a torch to try to melt through the wire, it will definitely oxidise badly wherever it gets hot enough. Additionally, the wire will probably distort from melting close to where the torch has cut it. There will probably be a few inches of melted, charred, or distorted insulation close to where the cut was done if there is insulation on the wire.

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Without a proper set of wire cutters or sheers, cutting wire will almost always result in an unsightly cut, which could seriously affect the wire’s performance and dependability.

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