Half Down Middle School Child Daughter Knickers

I’d like to make it obvious that I’m exhausted at this point. Even if I’m the one behind the wheel, I can’t keep my eyes open long enough to avoid falling asleep. Because of this, I was baffled as to why, an hour after putting my toddler to bed, I was still sitting up in bed, staring at the ceiling and having no desire to sleep.

So, I laid there, awake and immobile in an attempt to isolate the emotion that had come over me. Worry? Fear? Sadness? Hold on, wait a second… this is a sign of rage.

Half Down Middle School Child Daughter Knickers

I’m unable to fall asleep because of my wrath, which keeps me ready for a battle and prevents me from getting the rest I need. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the sting out of it by renaming it. Instead, I had to head downstairs to my laptop and use my favoured weapon: words.

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Don’t Forget to Wear Spots Next Week!

Someone else’s words had sparked the whole incident. Parents at my three girls’ elementary school receive an email once a week with a mix of school-related information (don’t forget to wear spots next week!) and administrative reminders.

Please contribute to our trip to the pantomime and a good time (photos of smiling children who have won races or built models of mediaeval houses). “We would like to advise that the girls wear a sort of cycle shorts beneath their gowns to safeguard their modesty during outside play,” read the statement that was keeping me awake.

Whatever you want to name your underwear — knickers, undies, banana hammocks — they’re an essential component of (nearly) everyone’s wardrobe. And there are countless variations.

There are those who keep a pair of fortunate pants, while others save a pair of soft granny pants for a night in, and yet others keep a pair for special occasions. (It’s time for a date!)

Underwear is taken quite seriously by us, as seen by the amount of money we spend on it. By 2025, lingerie spending in the United States is expected to reach $11.36 billion. That’s a lot of money spent on apparel that isn’t even visible to the naked eye (most days).

Keep Your Underwear Clean, Dry, and Fresh

Keep your underwear clean, dry, and fresh (and, of course, enjoyable!). If your skin is in good shape and your underwear is spotless, you can get away with wearing them a second day as long as you don’t perspire.

If you’re prone to infections in that area, wicking fabric can be a lifesaver during workout. Wearing synthetic-blended fabric underwear will help you stay dry and comfortable.

Even in the gym, where your skin is more likely to come into contact with sweat- and bacteria-laden clothing, thongs are a controversial choice.

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Last Words

Finally, if you maintain your skin clean and the rest of your apparel as clean as those unworn underwear, going commando is good.

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