Girl At Truck Stop Looks Like Gabby

A New York lady who was travelling across the country with her partner before she vanished is being sought after by family members, law enforcement, and the FBI. Her partner went home without her, and she hasn’t been heard from in days. Her tale is currently making national news.

When she and her partner of 2.5 years, Brian Laundrie, checked out of a hotel in Salt Lake City on August 24, Gabby Petito, 22, of Long Island, New York, was last seen. Her relatives reported her missing on September 11th.

Girl At Truck Stop Looks Like Gabby

Gabby Petito, “Van Lifers”

On the YouTube channel “Nomadic Statik,” Petito and Laundrie were chronicling their cross-country travels as “van lifers” across the US. She FaceTimed her mother frequently, but when she hadn’t heard from her for a few days, she got frightened and called the police.

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In the case, Laundrie is currently a “person of interest.” Ten days before Petito’s disappearance, on September 1, Laundrie travelled alone in the van back to Florida, according to North Port Police. According to Josh Taylor, a spokesman for North Port police, Laundrie’s whereabouts were unknown as of Friday, and family members claim they haven’t seen him since Tuesday.

On September 17, 2021, at noon, the post was widely disseminating and circulating on Facebook. It appeared to be a screenshot of a message posted to the “Lodi Crime & Police Scanner calls” private group, and it read: My heart just hurts, ugh. Young lady exploring the truck stop.

It didn’t appear to be more than 23 years old. Keep appeared to be unstable when he entered the diner.

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Final Words

Asked if she missed her family and where they are. Gabby Petito, a missing lady, was depicted on the right side of the picture and contrasted with a close-up of the woman at the truck stop. In addition to being well-liked on Facebook, the post was shared on the r/GabbyPetito subreddit at least twice:

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