D. Dhers Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On the first day of the Olympic debut of BMX freestyle on Saturday, 36-year-old Venezuelan Daniel Dhers proved that he can compete with the best of them, defying the stereotype that bike tricks like somersaulting are only for “young dudes.”

D. Dhers Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The majority of the 18 riders at the Ariake Urban Sports Park are in their early to mid-20s, but the American favourite, Hannah Roberts, is only 19 years old.

d. dhers olympic games tokyo 2020

For almost a decade, Dhers has raced at the highest level. However, when BMX freestyle was introduced to the Olympic programme in 2017, he decided to forego any retirement plans he may have had.

“It’s a thing that I didn’t thought I would get to see in my career,” Dhers, a North Carolinian who finished third in Saturday’s seedings run, told reporters.

“I remember thinking, “Oh, that’s going to be in 2024, that’s a far shot,” when it was announced in 2017 that we had been allowed into the Olympic Games.

“I was like, “Dude, I got gas in my tank” when they mentioned 2020. In that same year that I said, “Let’s do this, let’s try to qualify,” I also won the world tour.”

The delay in last year’s Games due to the epidemic meant that he had to wait even longer.

“I still can’t believe we made it past the screening process, but I couldn’t be happier right now. That’s why I’m so pumped, “Dhers, who has won the X Games four times, made this statement.

“Many people’s mental health suffered from the added year, even if you were prepared to take the plunge at the time.

However, “I am so pleased that I am here to make it happen, to make history,” I say once more.

Dhers claims he does not feel like the old man of the group despite being the only rider in the field born before 1990. He is even setting his sights on Paris in 2024.

“The key to my success is regular bike riding. I pick up this information from my forefathers “What he’s saying is…

Regularly, I work out with a guy who is 15 years my junior.

When asked about the Olympics in an Interview, Daniel Dhers made the Following Statement.

We were shooting for the gold, but it was impossible. I did everything I could. I really can’t contain my joy. After running for what seems like a decade now, I can safely say that I am the oldest runner here.

On Sunday, he remarked, “I know what it means for Venezuela” in a video he posted on social media shortly after the test concluded. Australian Logan Martin, who took home gold, is 27 years old, while bronze medalist Declan Brooks is 25.

When I was four years old, one of my godparents got me a bike, and I hated it. My mother remembers that one day when I was using the support wheels and I rolled down the street, I fell, and I told her that I did not want to use them anymore.

I lost track of the bicycle and it was never seen again. When he was 12 years old, his neighbourhood mates started riding bikes, leaving him alone. “I dusted off the bicycle, I hid so that they would not see learning, and I learned,” he stated in an interview with the Olympic Games. At age 36, he may now enjoy the fruits of his Olympic labours.

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