D. Alves Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Dani Alves, at age 38, is the oldest member of Brazil’s Olympic team. In addition, Dani Alves claims that winning a gold medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is the most important thing he has accomplished in football.

D. Alves Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Andre Jardine, the coach of Brazil’s under-20 national team, has provided an explanation for his choice to include Dani Alves in the Olympic roster this year.

D. Alves Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Alves’s participation in the Brazil squad as an overage player came as a surprise. The tournament kicks off on Monday, with the soccer starting on Wednesday.

Only three players of each nationality can be older than the required age of 21, with everyone else requiring to be born on or after January 1, 1997.

Alves, a former Barcelona great, has been granted the opportunity to fulfil his dream of representing his country at the Olympic Games despite the fact that he is 38 years old and only three years younger than coach Jardine.

He is a leader, a winner, he has a lot of charm, and he is widely appreciated by all the Brazilian players,” Jardine told reporters via Marca of the now Sao Paulo star.

“He sets a fantastic precedent for the young players we have today.

We think it’s the perfect match, and it’s interesting that he’s never even tried out for the Olympics.

He will lead by Example and set the Tone for the Team on the Field.

And if we consider the player who is eager to win the championship, we find that he has won many championships in the past.

Alves has been one of the most decorated players of his generation in international football, having won multiple championships during stints with Sevilla, Barcelona, Juventus, and Paris Saint-Germain.

Both the Copa Américas and the Confederations Cup have been won by him twice.

The veteran will compete for a gold medal at the Olympics, where Brazil is expected to be a strong contender.

Dani Alves claims that beating Spain and earning the Olympic gold medal is his best football accomplishment.

On Saturday, Brazil won 2-1 in overtime, securing their second consecutive gold medal. Their first was at Rio in 2016.

After Matheus Cunha gave Brazil the lead, Spain’s Mikel Oyarzabal tied the score, but Brazil’s Malcolm scored in the second half off the bench to win the gold medal.

Alves, a six-time LaLiga champion and three-time Champions League victor, considers his victory in Tokyo to be his greatest footballing achievement.

A 38-year-old man said, “To be honest, yes,” when asked if this was his Greatest Treasure.

Because the others happen annually, and I’ve competed many times before, but this is my last chance to win this medal. That trip to Paris is doomed to failure.

I really appreciate this. Everyone put their faith in me, and I understood that this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fulfil my ambition. To become an Olympic athlete is a rare accomplishment at any age, but especially at the age of 38.

As a result, I am a virgin competing here like everyone else. In order to share the boys’ experience, I made the trip. And we have done it, after much toil and sacrifice, and we are bringing the greatest reward back to our people.”

After Brazil won the final for the fifth time in their history, captain Alves and his teammates were overcome with emotion.

Could he keep going for his country and help them win the World Cup, the last prize he’s lacking from his impressive collection?

“I’m a dreamer, a modest dreamer, and more than a dreamer, somebody who accomplishes their goals,” he stated in answer to inquiries regarding Qatar 2022.

“I know what to do, and that’s the most essential thing. When it comes to motivation, I’m as motivated as a 23-year-old.

Respect for one’s job is a prerequisite for success in that field, and I intend to continue making a name for myself in football.

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