Cleveland Guardians Nickname Is Difficult For Some Fans

Boldin’s sentiments are shared by a significant number of Cleveland supporters, many of whom were outraged by the team’s choice to rename itself in 2020. Native American tribes and others had been protesting the original name for decades, claiming it was racist.

Cleveland Guardians

As part of their rebranding, they decided to go with the name “Cleveland Guardians,” which captures a historical, Cleveland-centric ethos reflected by statues of traffic-controlling guardians that stand near Progressive Field, where they play.

Cleveland Guardians Nickname Is Difficult For Some Fans

All six of the team’s previous appearances as the Guardians this season have been on the road. Fans at home had their first chance to show their support for their team on Friday night.

It’s CLEVELAND! When Bill Boldin, a 52-year-old Cleveland Indians baseball fan, was waiting to meet friends for the Cleveland Guardians’ first home game of the season on Friday, he performed an informal survey.

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Along the streets of Cleveland, Boldin kept track of the number of Cleveland Browns fans wearing team jerseys. Prior to seeing one with the band’s new name, “Guardians,” he had made 38 shirts with the phrase “Indians” on them. Unexpected, but not surprising, is the data’s imbalanced ratio.

I think it will last forever, Boldin stated.

Hostutler declared that he would never pay to watch the Guardians again after learning that the squad had decided to drop its long-standing moniker.

However, he decided to attend to the game on Friday because his brother had given him a ticket.

A promotional giveaway shirt was provided to him on Friday afternoon at a pre-game tailgate party. He snatched the clothing, but he had a plan to give it back.

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Last Words

It was Bob Hostutler, proprietor of the Willoughby, Ohio computer store Hostutler’s Computer, who sported the team’s previous name and the controversial old emblem, Chief Wahoo, a cartoonish Native American and grin.

In 2019, the club began a staged process to disassociate itself from historical imagery and nicknames, which included removing this cartoon, which was beloved by some but considered egregiously offensive by others.

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