Brutal Shotgun Murder At The Pool Hall Video

A 19-year-old man was detained after a stabbing occurred last weekend outside a pool hall in Westminster. According to a news release from the Westminster Police Department, a stabbing happened on March 12 about 2:15 p.m. at International Billiards, which is located at 6328 Westminster Boulevard.

When a man was stabbed at one in the morning in the parking lot, he had already been sent to a nearby trauma centre. Authorities claim that throughout the altercation, the defendant repeatedly stabbed the victim with a folding pocket knife.

Brutal Shotgun Murder At The Pool Hall Video

Mr. Green And His Family Reportedly Made Hood’s Parents’ Lives Miserable

According to testimony given in the High Court of Glasgow, Mr. Green and his family reportedly made Hood’s parents’ lives miserable when they lived next door. According to testimony given to the jurors, Hood, 46, planned his retaliation after the boyfriend of Mr. Green’s daughter reportedly broke his parents’ window.

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In November 2014, Hood and Russell, both 35, showed up at Green’s house and started the terrifying attack. Hood was overheard saying, “If I murdered him, I will willingly do time for it,” as they departed the scene. The following day, Mr. Green’s beaten body was discovered by his horrified grandson. “Papa is full of blood,” the youngster said to his mother.

They Had “got away with Murder.”

At first, police believed Mr. Green’s death to be an accident, and evil Hood and Russell believed they were exonerated. The two made fun of the murder while bragging to their buddies that they had “got away with murder.” At the garage where Russell worked, however, a coworker overheard him claim he had “kicked f***” out of Mr. Green and called the police.

The two people detained were Hood, a former innkeeper from Ayr, and Russell, a mechanic from Maidens, Ayrshire. On Hood’s phone, a text message that was later deleted made reference to having “a little of his head caught on my boot.” Hood asserted that this was in reference to a different assault.

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Final Words

The two accused one another during their trial, with Hood alleging that Russell had “slapped” Mr. Green. Russell claimed that Hood had attacked Mr. Green while in a “blind rage.”

But after two days of deliberations, a jury today declared the evil couple guilty of murder. They were kept in detention until their sentencing in the new year. They both have to consider their own mortality.

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