Boeing Faces New Upheaval After Crash Of Chinese Airliner

Investigators could take weeks or perhaps months to determine what caused China Eastern Airlines’ Boeing 737-800 NG to crash into the ground with more than 130 people on board.

As a result of the probe, Boeing, which recently overcame years of problems with a newer variation, the Max, of the single-aisle 737 and has had protracted delays in constructing and delivering the twin-aisle 787 Dreamliner, could be affected.

Boeing Faces New Upheaval After Crash Of Chinese Airliner

After Crash Of Chinese Airliner

According to Rob Spingarn, managing director of Melius Research, a financial analysis firm, “I think it’s going to be really crucial to determine what actually transpired with this particular occurrence.” “Until that information is out, I believe the investment community will take a halt on Boeing.”

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As predicted by industry experts, the plane will start flying again in the near future. Analysts believe that the investigation into the 737-800 NG tragedy could complicate the return of the Max, as Chinese officials are wary of reintroducing the Max during an inquiry into a crash involving the Max’s predecessor.

The Max is the only commercial airliner to use the flight-control software known as MCAS, which was shown to be the cause of the crashes. Because of the plane’s improvement from the NG line, this system was included in its latest iteration, the Max.

Contact With China Eastern Airlines

According to a statement released by Boeing on Monday, the company has been in contact with China Eastern Airlines as well as the National Transportation Safety Board, which is leading US efforts to assist the Chinese investigation into the incident.

As the most major manufacturing exporter in the United States, Boeing is both a blue-chip stock and a serious employment. It’s one of the biggest contractors for the federal government.

Online orders for 535 planes were placed in the past year, the most since 2018. However, the company has suffered numerous setbacks, including a $3.5 billion loss in the final three months of 2021 due to the Dreamliner delays, which resulted in a loss of $4.2 billion for the quarter.

A screengrab from a video released on March 21, 2022, shows the area of forest where the China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 crashed in the Guangxi Region, China. (According to Reuters)

Boeing has also had to deal with a slowdown in business caused by the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to its problems with its two showpiece planes, the Max and the Dreamliner. Airlines have reduced their ambitions to buy new jets as air travel is just slowly recovering to 2019 ranges.

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Last Words

Boeing, the maker of aircraft engines, and the Federal Aviation Administration will provide technical knowledge to the probe, according to the safety council. At the same time, Boeing stated its technical specialists were “ready to assist” the Chinese aviation authority.

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